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Interviews with rockstars
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Interviews with rockstars
At the topic we share some of our interviews with bands of different genres and styles
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In my opinion the Russian band named Blackthorn, with their new album "Witch Cult Ternion", is getting top of Russian metal, their music is worth of playing at home, as well as abroad, which these girls have proven more than once doing foreign fests. Vocalist / lyricist Aina tells us about how things are going in the band (applause, ladies and gentlemen!).
[Изображение: adf821de3691f279ee458acea96a46d1.jpg]

Mr.doctor. Hello Aina. You are a girl from the North, I was born in Chukotka, grew up and worked there, in 2003 I moved to Lipetsk, and it's quite cold here, do you feel cold in Moscow?
Aina. Hello. I feel terribly cold, because the weather’s cold and damp here. Though temperatures are lower in Yakutia but the climate is dry and the frost is not that hard.
MD. It's a little "lyrical" introduction (really, should I ask what time is it?). Tell me please, who is in charge of writing the lyrics in the band?
А. I do.
MD. Do you write songs in Russian and then translate them into English, or do you have somebody to translate for you, or do you write them directly in English?
А. I write songs directly in English.
MD. Where did you learn that? Did you study somewhere or just did self-education?
A. I studied English at preschool, at school and university, and self-education as well.
MD. It’s popular these days to write songs in native languages. Do you ever think about writing a song in your native language?
А. No, because it’s not our style, we should play pagan metal, folk metal, and this language will hardly work well with our music.
MD. Well, I don’t know. You remember back in the days a non-English singing metal band was bound to stay underground. And now they sing in all languages, all styles. I listened to an Armenian black metal band singing in their native language. I agree, in screaming it's hard to make out what language it is, but still…
А. Not that such a band stayed underground, it was just not so common to sing in languages other than English. Yes, they sing in whatever language they like now, in general.
MD. Tell me, it must be hard to combine work and music (I don't think that music can fully provide for you). I guess you must be too busy for anything else?
А. Yes, it is very hard. There's not much time left for honing my technical skills.
MD. Your technical skills, do you mean your vocals?
А. Yes, my vocals. To say nothing about just playing the piano sometimes (particularly in my case), I get rare opportunities.
MD. Do you study vocals on your own or do you take lessons? How do you get that voice, is it natural or the product of a long hard work?
А. I graduated from university with a degree in classical vocals. I study on my own everyday, I would like to take courses, but I’ve just got no time for it, alas.
MD. It can be said that's your speciality in the band. I have a question. The situation with vocals in your band now is reminding me of Nightwish back in the days when Marko Hietalla had joined the band on vocals, at first backing up on vocals for Tarja Turunen, but with Annet Olson coming, he started doing solos in some of their songs. His voice is good, but we’ve got used to the female vocal in that band. As is the case with Accept, when Peter Baltes performed four songs from their album Predator, pretty good, but we love them for Udo Dirkschneider's voice. So don’t you think there’s too much of growling on your album? Sure, it sounds very harmonious with your voice, but... With every new album there is less of your vocals and more of the growling. Did you do it on purpose or did it just come out that way in the process of song-writing?
А. We did it on purpose, and it's not less of my vocals. There is still more of clean vocals over the album. By the way, my vocal is also scream, so there is no less of “my” vocals, definitely.
MD. Now a question about the lyrics of the album, what inspired it? Does that cult really exist or is it just your fantasy?
А. The cult from the album’s title hardly ever existed in reality. But the idea came from the cult of the moon, existing since ancient times. People associated this cult with the mystic and dark side of female essence. And the Moon was revered in its three phases - waxing, full and waning, which in turn symbolized eternal birth, life and death. The three phases were also related to the popular theme of "young girl, mother, old woman", and that inspired me to write about the three sister witches.
MD. Pretty dark picture. And I guess music was put over the lyrics?
А. In Blackthorn it's always like that – first we make music, and then write the lyrics, though I always have some lyrical sketches and ideas in stock. That’s how it was this time.
MD. Do you need to sit back and think to make a song, or does it just come up by itself, all of a sudden?
А. Ideas for new songs come in different ways: sometimes in the process of long thinking, sometimes it just pops up in my mind all of a sudden.
MD. That would be enough of talking about the lyrics. I recently watched a movie about how Metallica recorded their album St. Anger. It seemed to me that there was no inspiration, nor creativeness involved. It was just a job, well paid, but not favorite. What do you think about that? I mean to say, if you lost your inspiration, would you give it up or just keep squeezing out more albums?
А. It's hard to imagine! Let’s just say if music doesn’t inspire me and I don’t enjoy myself I would stop doing it. One thing for sure, you should not squeeze anything out of yourself.
MD. How do you get along with the pirates sharing your albums?
А. Quite easy, but with a certain degree of disappointment. Illegal copying and selling is a back side of the progress in music industry, and there's nothing you can do about it.
MD. What genre of heavy music do you think is the most popular at the moment? I think it's power metal.
А. Metalcore and all its branches.
MD. Do you have any ideas for the next album? What about lyrics? What direction will you choose to go in musicality? I’m looking forward to your next album. Will you go deeper into symphonic black metal or you keep that symphonic level of your current sound?
А. Of course, I have some ideas for the next album. So far only in sketches, Witch Cult Ternion still holds the status of a new album and all our focus is set on it. Thematically the lyrics are going to be about the same - witchery. I can't say much about music style because, first, the main part of new material is not written by me, secondly, we never set goals like "let’s make a new album softer" or "let’s make a new album more death metal". We just make kind of music that we like.
MD. All kinds of split projects grow in popularity these days. For a single song or an album. What do you think about inviting some guest musicians, or participating in recording with other groups?
А. We never thought about inviting anybody for Blackthorn's album/song, though we get lots of offers. Maybe in time... I personally show up as a guest vocalist for several side projects. I used to record vocals for bands like ANFEL, Skylord, Dirge Inferno. There’s going to be more of such projects, but you’ll find out about them later.
MD. What kind of music do you prefer?
А. 80% of what I’m listening to refers to metal - mostly black metal, death metal, symphonic, doom metal. The rest belongs to classics, neoclassics, some pop and folk music.
MD. Varaska left the band, no matter where she left, or why. Was it difficult to find a proper replacement, especially a representative of the fair sex? Did you search purposely for a female drummer, or is it just a coincidence?
А. It was a difficult task, and a long search. And we searched purposely, because that’s our line-up, and it’s kind of our "visiting card".
MD. Do you make your own scenic images and costumes, or do you turn to professionals?
А. We make all our scenic images and costumes by ourselves, other people can only help us with realization.
MD. You are five girls in the band, are you friends? I mean, do you meet celebrations together, maybe hang out together, or you're just bandmates?
А. Most of the time we do interact as a band, but still we are friends.
MD. The band doesn't have its official site, why? It’s easy and cheap to make now.
А. We're planning to launch our site this year. I don't think that official sites matter that much, especially now when communities in social networks are so popular. We had a site in the very beginning of our history, but it was hacked at once. So most of its history BLACKTHORN is moving on without an official site on internet, and I can’t say that’s been any obstacle to reaching our goals.
MD. How do you select songs for your videos?
А. Usually, we select songs which we personally think to be hit songs. The ones that can be easily remembered.
MD. As I see you write the lyrics mainly. Do you ever want to try to make music, a complete song, from start to end?
А. I can’t set myself to writing a song from start to end, all for lack of perseverance. But lots of different musical passages – I can easily do that.
MD. One more unordinary question. I’m hanging about on a couple of heavy music sites. And I have noticed this trend - everywhere the forum is full of posts about cats, and lots of comments on them right away. I’ve never heard a word about dogs, for example. I don't like dogs, I have a cat, and a little kitten. It turns out that metal fans love cats? Do you have a cat, or maybe you like any other animals?
А. Interesting question about cats. I often think about it and I come to a conclusion that the character of a cat is identical to that of an average metalhead: he is by himself, independent, freedom-loving, rebellious and so on. Besides, a cat is a mystical animal, and mysticism impresses most of the metal fans. I don't have any pets because I'm often on the road, and I don’t have anybody to take care of it while I’m away.
MD. Could you please say a few words for our site?
А. Thank you for your interest in our group! I wish the Metal-Tracker portal prosperity and good luck!
That's where we finish up. Let's say thanks to this amazing musician and charming woman, and let's not distract her from her work with our foolish curiosity.
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RE: Interviews with rockstars
SILENZIUM is a Russian band from Novosibirsk consisting of three charming ladies who play multiple genres of music, from interpretations of the classical works of Vivaldi, Bach, Mussorgsky, to performing covers of famous metal bands like Rammstein, Death, as well as playing their own folk songs. Frontwoman and founding member Natalya Grigorieva speaks with us about some background details below.
[Изображение: fe64ac57af004a9e4d57346a712b533a03538eb0_700.jpg]
Mr.Doctor: Hello, Natalya. Let’s skip how, where and why the SILENZIUM was formed - this info can be easily found on the internet. Let’s get straight to the point. The initial line-up of the band had more members than now. How come the band ended up as an all-female trio?

Natalya Grigorieva: We had to change our lineup due to financial issues – it’s easier to divide money by three, and beautiful girls are always fashion trends.

Mr.Doctor: Didn’t you have fears that your debut album, which consists of interpretations of the classical works, would be a failure? This style of music is not very popular with the public…

Natalya Grigorieva: I didn’t, I was just sure that nobody would want to listen to it. So I did it all for myself. I'm surprised that people like it.

Mr.Doctor: How come Death band’s covers appear on your albums? To me it’s quite understandable that you do covers of the famous bands like Rammstein, System Of a Down or Metallica, but Death is not widely known outside the metal scene.

Natalya Grigorieva. One of my friends introduced me to their music and I understood that was my kind of music, so I do.

Mr.Doctor: Do you have any plans to record more vocal tracks? For your next folk album, maybe? – I just loved the expressional song “Свобода степи” from the album “Улетай”.

Natalya Grigorieva: We don't plan to record vocals (occasionally, maybe) - spare mouth is just like a stab in the back. Nobody wants to work for free.

Mr.Doctor: What are your plans for a new album?

Natalya Grigorieva: We do not plan anything. I get an idea and just start writing.

Mr.Doctor: By what criteria do you choose songs for your music videos?

Natalya Grigorieva: The criteria are just enough money for shooting a music video (and we don’t have any).

Mr.Doctor: I saw some kind of unusual, futuristic instruments on your photographs and live peformances, did you buy it or it's custom?

Natalya Grigorieva: these are just electro-violins and an electro-cello, nothing special. We bought them in a Chinese shop. But the igil yes… it was customly ordered.

Mr.Doctor: Do you make your own image or hire professional image makers?

Natalya Grigorieva: We work on it ourselves, we just can’t afford professional image makers.

Mr.Doctor: What styles of music do you prefer?

Natalya Grigorieva: I am in for classics and industrial rock.

Mr.Doctor: Can you name  top-5 bands on your list, please.

Natalya Grigorieva: Rammstein, Death, Vivaldi, Handel, everything depends on the mood I'm in.

Mr.Doctor: It’s very popular now to appear in side projects. Do you get such offers?

Natalya Grigorieva: We never get any offers at all.

Mr.Doctor: Where would you like to give a concert? In other words, what is your dream stage?

Natalya Grigorieva: Nice question. You know we did our shows on many stages, including big arenas. I think there isn’t a particular stage. My dream stage is the one with professional lights and good sound. Unfortunately, there are very few such stages, the farther away from Moscow the fewer, I guess.

Mr.Doctor: Is there any other performer you would like to tour with?

Natalya Grigorieva: 2Cellos. They are gods, best of all I know.

Mr.Doctor: What question would you like to answer but have never been asked?

Natalya Grigorieva: I don’t really know. I never thought about it.

Mr.Doctor: Is there something you would like to say for the Metal-Tracker website in the end.

Natalya Grigorieva: I would like to wish russian metalheads, especially those who play in bands, to keep up the good work. Making music is hard and frustrating in russian conditions. But if you just keep moving forward you wil achieve success.

Let me wish the band good luck, lots of new records and great shows and lots of inspiration. And thank charming Natalya for her sincere answers.
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RE: Interviews with rockstars

[Изображение: f183678addd4f532978018fe5ed5e0eb.png]

Mr. Doctor: Hello Kaira.

Kaira Drozdova: Hello.

MD. Please tell, how do you spread responsibilities in your band? Who is writing music? Who is writing lyrics? Who puts together concert setlist etc.?

KD. Pavel Drozdov writes music and I (Kaira) write lyrics. We all compile the setlist during the repetitions. And setlist can change from time to time if it’s not based on some concept. Each of us takes part in arrangement

MD. How would new album differ from the last one? Will it differ stylistically in terms of music? Will it be conceptual in terms of lyrics?

KD. In the new album, I continue the development of the semantic line that was started in "Roots Of Veles". But this time the lyrics won’t show my point of view on a particular event or situation. In the new album I want to briefly convey the traditions of my ancestors, to celebrate some traditions and bright events of the times when the Sun was God. For sure, this album will be the conceptual one! I could tell a lot, but I don’t want to disclose all the cards, as now the process of its creation is in full swing, and the new album is now forged note by note, riff by riff, word by word. The style will remain aggressive groove pagan metal, but it will be decorated with some ritual elements!

MD. What caused your switch to English lyrics?

KD. It was caused by popularization of our native metal in Europe and so on.

MD. You have created the voting in the internet about choosing the language for your upcoming album. So as I understand you already have 2 versions of it: English and Russian?

KD. This question is very important for us today! As Woland told “the questions of blood are the hardest questions in the world”. The attraction of the native is greater, and it’s stronger than me! I can’t convey the meaning and energy of this album, if its language will be foreign. Each Russian word is like a whole sentence, it carries a number of images, subtext, and sometimes words can give answers to the questions of being, if you look at them, say ... from a different angle! In general, a whole layer of culture of our distant ancestors lies in Russian words! Words were passing the legacy for many generations from mouth to mouth. And due to this, now we can imagine by word-images the life, culture, weltanschauung, actions and many other things, which occurred thousands of years ago on
our land! It is very important to use Russian in this album! We are at the very beginning of comprehending the covenants of the past and we won’t comprehend them all in a single day. I want you to start with us!

MD. Do you want to reissue your English albums in Russian?

KD. Lyrics in English albums were originally conceived in English so to reissue these albums we have to rewrite all the lyrics from scratch and this can completely change the idea of the text! And I see no point in returning to it, we need to go forward with new ideas!

MD. Did you ever have any plans to record a bonus track in Belarusian?

KD. No, we have never even discussed that.

MD. At the moment there is no full-time male vocalist in the band. Why has the previous vocalist left the band? Will the new album include male vocals?

KD. Let’s leave the reasons of his departure undisclosed. The male vocal on the new album will be Pavel Drozdov’s. If we speak about growl and scream, than these parts same as clean vocals will be mine.

MD. Is there any working title for the new album?

KD. The title of the album is still to be chosen!

MD. Who had drawn the artwork of previous albums, and who will draw artwork for the new one?

KD. We have worked with different artists for almost every album. All the artworks after "Roots Of Veles" are made by our bass player Vitali Oleinik! I think we will continue this way!

MD. Do you plan to add a second guitarist to the band, and if not than why?

Pavel Drozdov joins the conversation not for long: There’s no sense in adding second guitarist. One guitar is more than enough.

MD. What bands have influenced you the most in the early period of your creation?

KD. If we are talking about this, at the time of our first album all the informal youth was listening to the same bands, both Western and Russian industry of heavy metal. We were not in any way an exception to this rule! It’s easier to list the styles of the metal: hard / heavy, power, etc., and later our tastes started to become heavier, so we were influenced by hardcore, black metal and so on.

MD. Had changes in your style changed your music preferences? Who are your favorite bands now?

KD. We have never been fans of anyone; we just have respect for some bands for their great contribution to the world heavy artillery! I can listen in my car with pleasure to Lamb of God, Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, Metallica, System Of A Down, Slipknot.

MD. With which bands do you want the most to share the stage?

KD. We’d like to make atmospheric show at first-rate festival alongside the bands like Amon Amarth, Dimmu Borgir, Korpiklaani.

MD. Kaira, is your voice an inborn gift or a result of long and hard work? How do you keep your voice in shape?

KD. I think it's a gift, but it’s related to the power and to the presentation of sound. But without hard work you won’t achieve good technique. Ligaments are muscles and someone has them developed from birth. But if you train them, they can become much more powerful! It’s good time to quote my mastermind Bruce Lee: « Hard work is the only way to any goal! ». I try to adhere to the eternal rules of the vocalist. Enemies of the vocalist are cold, alcohol, lack of sleep, overexertion of ligaments (this includes a bunch of negative factors, such as loud laughter, long rehearsals, lack of time for warm up singing), junk food and so on. But to know is not enough, it is necessary to obey this. But I'm a human being anyway.

MD. Kaira, I’ve seen that you play concerts barefoot. Many people are savage and can throw some crap on the stage. Have you had any injuries due to that?

KD. Everything is fine. As it turned out, it’s very comfortable to play shows barefoot. Also, it looks very natural, in my opinion.

MD. Your current stage image was formed after the recording of the “Roots Of Veles” album. Will it change after the recording of the new album?  

KD. “Roots Of Veles” made a great impact on us in all senses: from the model of thought to our image (both on the stage and in everyday life). This album helped us to realize that there is something more than metal, we found the idea not only in the musical part of the group. The certain concept of thought appeared, which leads us to unity, which unites us not only as musicians, but as grandchildren of Dažbog, and now we are going together to the common goal.

MD. When should we expect the release of the new album?

KD. I can’t reply this question now, as album is currently in process of creation.

MD. How have you got the contract with your current label? (In the 2015 the band has signed the contract with Sliptrick Records for mass edition of album with distribution in US, Europe and Japan).
KD. Label itself had offered terms which were suitable for us, so we has signed the contract. We are not sure that we will continue this cooperation.

MD. I’ve seen on the photo that Pavel is engaged in auto racing, is it a hobby, or does he do that on a professional basis? And what hobbies do other musicians of the group have?

KD. It’s more like hobby, as Pavel takes part in racing in free time. During summertime we like to gather with our friends, ride the motorcycles and seek historical places of Belarus. Such places are generally dilapidated by time and forgotten by people, unfortunately. I adore ancient things, forgotten history, legends and tales. I also like Tolkien’s world and we try to recreate it in our home. The proper atmosphere is very important for me. In general, I like everything related to hobbits, gnomes, elves and dragons. Anya likes to travel on motorcycle in Europe with her husband. She’s also a volunteer and helps homeless animals to find a home. Vitalik (Dzhyan) is interested in computer graphics, design and photo art. In his spare time he goes to the gym. Dima devotes to a drama most of his free time. He’s also a movie fan and he also visits the gym.

MD. Could you please tell also some words for our website?

KD. I will reply with a quote from our song “Ynglinga saga”:
The gods will live while their rivers flow in our veins!
And Ynglinga saga will not end
While the children of the ancient clans live
And while the sun illuminates our mind.
Kaira Spiel

In our turn, we’ll wish the group not to slow down, and we’ll also wish them to record a lot of albums and to play performances on many scenes.
Let's say «thank you» to the talented musician and the beautiful woman. And we are looking forward for the release of the new album.
Прежде, чем выйти, гляньте, есть ли там планета?
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RE: Interviews with rockstars
[Изображение: d26bb13b9ea08d1cdd18144e5d7adef7.png]
That would be pretty stupid to talk through internet or phone with people from your city, so after long coordination of schedules (everyone has work and other stuff as you understand) our meeting finally happens. Unfortunately not all musicians were present, Notgrov and Vergonth haven’t come, but presenting musicians were enough to tell about past, present and future plans of the band.

So, ACT I. 
Scene of action: Lipetsk, rehearsal base
Characters: yours truly, Cor – guitar, Darkness Fall - bass, Vlad – drums. 
Here I’m asking band members questions in their breaks between rehearsing new and old songs before the show in Voronezh.
Mr.Doctor. How many songs are ready for next album?
Darkness Fall. Six, we now are planning 2 or 3 songs more.
MD. So the album’s length would be 35-40 minutes, same as two previous albums?
DF. Yes. For example, I don’t like very long 60+ minutes albums.
MD. Is everyone writing music?
Cor. Yes, everyone. Only Vlad doesn’t does that, but he attentively listens to our ideas and knows very good what he should play.
MD. Does it happens that someone from musicians brings his sketches but general meeting of the band refuses them?
С. Not so frequently, but happens. Mostly it happens in cases when we can’t combine all instrumental parties in this song.
MD. And who’s writing lyrics?
С. Vergonth 
DF. Yes, Vergonth does it all
(I don’t have an ear for music but on this moment I hear that played song doesn’t have any black metal elements and that this song is classical death metal with guitar party like Trey Azagthoth and with death-metal-styled blast beats by Vlad. So I ask musicians about that).
С. Yes, I like death metal  very much and I had death metal project before. In Moderix all black metal parties are played by Notgrov, and I’m trying to add more groove and heaviness in guitar’s sound.
DF. Even more, it’s not even our song, it’s cover of Khold's song. 
(And it’s completely true, this cover was recorded by band on ЕР "Х". But I haven’t recognized it, as I said, I have no ear for music). 
MD. Cor, is it hard for you to play black metal after death metal?
С. I can’t say that it is easy and simple. Sometimes I have to force myself to play exactly black metal sounding guitar.
MD. Vlad, have you played black metal before?
Vlad. No, earlier I was playing in the band which played hardcore.
MD. And how you have joined Moderix? 
V. I’ve heard the band and also I’ve heard that their drummer is rather bad. It was interesting for me to play such music, I’ve offered my services, I was invited for tryout, and so I’m here.
MD. And how you, fathers, joined the band?
DF. I know musicians of Moderix for long time, the band was on hold for a few monthes after the release of album “Amoralbloom” and only Notgrov and Vergonth left in band’s roster. But then nevertheless band members decided to gather for recording of new songs.
С. I have known only Vergonth before, we even wanted to make together sympho black project, but it didn’t happen. So I’ve joined the band. 
MD. You wanted to make sympho black project, then why on new album you decided to play black death, and not sympho black ? 
DF. It’s not easy, it requires buying of expensive instrument and taking of musician to the band.
MD. Is it hard to find a musician?
С. Yes, pretty hard. There’s a lot of good musicians in Lipetsk, but the band is ensemble first of all, so even if you’re super virtuoso it’s not enough. Complete mutual understanding is required. You know well how many good bands have split up due to disagreements between members of the band.
DF. Even more nearly everyone is already occupied with other projects and people just don’t have enough time for everything. For example, I would gladly do some gothic-rock project, but don’t have any free time for that.
C. I remember, when I was in college, I’ve played in the five bands in the same time. When lessons finished, I took the guitar and went to garages where in this time the best rehearsal bases were. In one band I played hardcore, in other one – power metal and so on.
MD. Please tell, what caused such big pause between previous album and the next one?
DF. The cause is trivial and it’s money. The label is ready to publish our album, but recording costs 30 thousands roubles and printing of 500 CDs costs 15 thousands more. For Lipetsk it’s not much expensive but isn’t also cheap at all as well.

Now rehearsal time of musicians is over so we have to leave this place.

Scene of action: Lipetsk, pub Drova (“Wood”)
Characters: yours truly, Darkness Fall, Cor. 
MD. Where your scene names came from?
С. To be honest, I don’t even remember. It comes from old time and so goes on.
DF. Also long ago in 2010 I was young and had split-up with my girlfriend. So I was upset and was listening to the song of band Nitemare Machine. There is such words, I liked them and took them as my stage name.
MD. Who’s in charge of booking and how does it happens?
DF. Me and Notgrov. Sometimes we arrange it ourselves and sometimes we are offered.
MD. Does it bring you any financial profit?
С. I beg you, our music is not commercial, we are not paid for road or food expenses at all. It’s good if our show covers all our costs and frequently we pay for those costs ourselves.
MD. Let’s imagine that before the show you’re making soundcheck and you listen that sound is crap. How are you gonna act?
С. We ask sound engineers, of course, but if we see that they can’t do anything so let it be as is. Sometimes we have to ask sound engineers during the show, but if the venue is small and acoustics in it is pretty bad, it’s understood that you can’t do much with it.
MD. I always wondered if it takes long to clear corpsepaint after the show?
С. Long, much longer than to apply it.
DF. Water won’t help. I clear it with wet napkin.
MD. As I understood, music doesn’t give you profit. And how you earn for your life then?
С. I’m military man.
DF. I work in the office of the firm that repairs truck crane. Notgrov works in  auto salon that sells trucks. Vergonth is land-surveyor. Vlad works in tattoo salon. 
MD. Which bands do you like the most now?
DF. Now I listen a lot to the band The 69 Eyes. 
С. I always loved middle-paced, groovy death.

Now our conversation ends, as it’s too late and everyone has to go to work tomorrow.
Прежде, чем выйти, гляньте, есть ли там планета?
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