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Полная версия: English-speaking forum. Who needs it?
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If anybody wants to upload some torrents there, but doesn't know how - I'll give any assistance. Just write a privacy message , deal?
I Guess All needs it !!
Hi metal fans,

An english forum is crucial for me because I don't speak russian (although sometimes I watch KHL ice hockey games because I enjoy a lot ice hockey but I can't understand the slightest word Grin ).

I really fancy metal for many many years; so I hope I will share one of my passion with you.

See you soon,

Greetings from France
Excellent! Now we can speak English, and I don't have to ask my russian friends to translate this and that for me. Smile3

Russian is a beautiful language, but difficult for people that doesn't live in Eastern Europe to understand. In order to appeal to the whole world, which Metal Tracker should, the community should focus on bringing more stuff in that is in English and start writing English in the forums.

I look forward to see what will become of the English-speaking community here, because it got such a huge potential, and this website is excellent, and I love it.

Well done, Metal Tracker admins. You have all my respect for doing this. Keep on headbanging! Rofl
I appreciate the english side of this site. With russian I feel more or less communicatively handicapped. ><
We need it.
As I said before, it'll be very helpful to me, cause english isn't even my main language.
it is very helpful for us who dont speak russian, this is the best tracker on earth. and maybe we need this, ROCK ON!
English forum is very helpful, a lot of people can't understand russian, like me, and the online translation from russian doesn't make sense at all
I agree with Gorroth we should speak same language, I think better is English
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