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Okay, so tell me when and how did your adventure with metal begun?

I will answer first. So my story starts at my 12y olds - my dad was big fan of AC/DC, KISS and Metallica but I didnt enjoy this bands at all.But, however, I think it influenced me. In my house we were watching MTV whole day and then someday I discovered Marilyn Manson's fight song and Metallica stuff by myself. Lately I met person on music forum that showed me "real metal" like early Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under and other stuff heavier than MM :P I was surprised that music like that can be pleasing for person like me. As I remember I was kindermetal until 14 years old Rofl after that I started to explore metal industry by myself.
I listened to a lot of rap so naturally I gravitated towards Nu-metal as shunned of genre as it is heh. I listened mostly to Korn and Slipknot, but I got a hold of Lifeblood by Mastodon and I really liked the heavier sound so I started listening to a bunch of death metal bands like Grave and started listening to more Mastodon. So ya I listen to Death, Black, Progressive, Sludge, and a bunch of other genres now.
i have been a metal fan since the birth of metallica. loved the raw style they did back in the day and there wasnt realy anything like them around at the time.
i also like the symphonic , gothic genre but to be honest ill listen to just about anything metal , rock etc etc

Generally my infatuation with metal began at the age 8 years old. My father used to listen to Iron Maiden, Nazerth, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, and other bands flowing with the "Rock" and "Metal" at that stage. At school, my friends listened to the more extreme. So, that is where it became for me. High school it became more aggressive, that wanting, the urge of having and listening to the most extreme possible. Discovering bands like Goatwhore, Gorgoroth, Marduk, Behexen (omg awesome band), Behemoth, Xasthur, Satyricon, Burzum. Black Metal became a part of my living, existence, structure of life. Now I listen to anything that has good beat, metal preferably.
My style in Metal changed, from Pure Black Metal, to Death Metal. Goregrind, Grindcore. I do not look like a metal head though, just a great supporter of the bands, their instrumental capabilities and willingness to share it with the world... It is hard to find that others appreciated it as much as you do? Or you have never met them before. =) that is pretty much my story in a nutshell.
I used to listen rock music all the time...but my love for extreme music begun when I listened black Metal band Marduk for the very first time. I was shocked by the Album Covers and Music Style. I never heard something so extreme...later I find out more Death and Black metal bands. Since then most of the ime i listen metal. specially Black Metal.
The first metal song I ever heard was oddly enough Puritania by Dimmu Borgir, one of their most disliked songs. I was 12 years old, watching a flash animation (Castle III part C, if you're interested; it's still pretty cool imo), and the song sounded awesome in the background, so I PM'd the author and he led me to Dimmu. The first time I listened to the actual song was a preview on iTunes, and it kinda scared me to be honest. Eventually though, I got into Dimmu, and then into metalcore and nu-metal, like Lamb of God, Ill Nino, and Chimaira, and then moved on to death and black, eventually getting into some thrash, and finally expanding my interests to other subgenres in metal, avant-garde being one of my favorites, with bands like Deathspell Omega and Diablo Swing Orchestra.

Dimmu Borgir is still one of my favorite bands, and Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia is still one of my favorite albums, despite the hate that it tends to get Grin
At the age of 14 I was transferred to new school class. There was a guy, who really love punk music. One of my friends ask me to find out do that punk guy have any Egor Letov's (russian underground singer, trve kvlt somehow). So I asked that guy and he has agreed to download the music on my flash-card. But there were left a lot of memory, so he also gave me many others bands including such names as Metallica and In Flames.
Also around this time I found on the computer of mother's company designer a few metal clips. Among others there were Lamb of God's Redneck. Before that I probably not heared a heavy music, but that clip and music was awesome.
That how it happened, I think.
I started getting interested in metal after getting tired of the stuff on the radio. My current taste in music is broadminded, whom am I to judge based a person character based on sounds? Since every genre of music their hardcore following and that's cool.

That's what makes metal awesome, it allows the primal energy to fly forth like a lighting screeching across the darkest clouds. What adds an extra amp of power to the metal genre is that it's so totally not mainstream. There was a youtube video where a girl was in a french singing competition. She did a dark metal tribute with her voice, and the audience started laughing. The host, who apparently paid way too much for a polo shirt snickered and made a air motion guitar. The folks in the video where such clean looking well groomed folks. My thoughts were, "Yeah, okay not person in the audience ever clogged the toilet before and puked after a night of heavy drinking..."

The point... none... but metal is awesome, man... yeah!
My first contacts were at a schoolfriends house, who played whitesnake, B.T.O, bodine...
Later as I had to go to school by bus some time, we had a guy who bought practically everything new in hardrock/metal, and he always had his stereo with him. So I was listening to something new almost every day, and this was in the 80´s(wonderful time for a metalhead). It was Demon, Killer, Myofist, name it!!
From that time I have explored the metal world, trying to keep up.

Start in 1984 with metallica, blind guardian, helloween, accept and other great bands.
Thanks to my friends! :-)
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