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Полная версия: Black metal vs death metal
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It's pointless to argue on whether Black or Death metal is the best genre. Evey genre got its own charm and distinct features that I believe are excellent!
We really need to stop arguing whether this or that genre is the best one. It's a complete waste of energy and time. Time which could have been spent listening to every single one of these genres. ;)
People listen to the music they like, and I like both death and black metal, as well as a wast ocean of other metal genres.
All people always is saying that death metal is more technical than black metal, But I think there is many black metal bands that have technique. I think that was the difference, black metal always has been more atmospheric, that's the idea, and also lyrics are different from each other, I like death metal because is powerful but I alwys prefer black metal.
black metal, from what I can tell, is very melodic and harmonic. while death metal seems to add groove and sometimes technicality
I think there are great things about both and I personally hate the whole "war" mentality between the two. I love black, death, doom, stoner, dsbm, prog, shoegaze, electronica, indie rock, and lots of other genres and I don't see why people can't just like multiple genres :s
well, i actually love all kinds of metal. but death metal is favourite. better bands in my opinion better vocals and so on. brutal death metal and brutal techincal death metal is my fave of sub genres in death metal. but sure black metal has good bands to i actually like depressive black metal alot, it is very good. but you know everybody has different taste.
hey, don't get me wrong, death metal will always be good in my opinion, unless it's a fusion of that and metal core -_- i especially love alot of technical death metal too, but black metal will always be the wings that carry satan. lol justkidding, even though thats probably true i'm an athiest. but black metal, way more brutal, so much more aggression and passion, what more could you want really?
Both are extreme subgenre of Heavy Metal, I prefer Death Metal ! Music that developed from Thrash Metal ...
I listen to Norwegian black metal and the rest of the music do not recognize!
Death Metal: I really appreciate the qualities of Death Metal, due to that fact that it supports some "non-divine" intervention of anti-human perspectives, emotions (hate, disgust, sorrow and ect.) Those are well appreciated at certain times depending on one's mood, if that might be the case. Also, some bands who baptized themselves in Death Metal, has a different point of view towards society, religious/irreligious aspects and what not. Other bands (also the Death Metal genre) might not express themselves as well as other bands do in certain lyrical themes but through their instrumental capabilities, doesn't necessarily mean it is "not a good band, or being nailed down as a supposed "poser band" or any other negative criticism" -- Fact is, we all have our preferences and what makes us "go" in Metal.

Black Metal: Black Metal is a popular underground genre, for the controversial lyric themes, anti-christian imagery, and obscure appearances. The spikes and "corpse paint" (as stated by Varg Vikernes) is there to show "their" petition against some "socially acceptable" means general things in life. Now, as for the music style; I think personally Black metal has potential, even if it's fused/mixed with other sub-genres. Some Black Metal bands are atrocious to the ear and others gives you goosebumps like crazy (think some folks might agree to this), again it is a matter of preferences and liking. Black Metal on it's own, can be fused with Death Metal and Death Metal can be fused with Black Metal. Black Metal just show their "hatred" and "feelings" more clearly than some Death Metal bands. Even portraying that they stand firmly in their belief (Satanism, Norse Mythology and so on) which is regarded as "special" because they believe in something that makes sense to them. We cannot judge that unless we can do it better. I think?


Black Metal VS. Death Metal

One cannot compare an apple with a pear even if both is fruit. As simple as that. Smile3
As far as I can distinguish, the general songwriting is different for fully developed and matured black metal by 1994 and Death Metal which finished taking shape as a genre even earlier.
Death Metal originally focuses on that stream of riffs in a more-linear-than-circular song structures which blend into each other but present the listener with a variety of details. It is also highly rhythmic, the drums being an essential part in the creative process.
Black Metal, on the other hand, focuses a lot more on melody and harmonic progression than on the complexity/twistedness of ever-changing riffs. Riffs can and should be engaging but they do not take the spotlight like they do on Death Metal. The drums are more of a constant background, like an flowing river on which the tremolo-ing or riffing guitars carry the underlying melody. Chords sound big. Some people think this is only true for the so-called Symphonic BM bands, but in truth it applies to all genuine Black Metal. Even in more "brutal" Black Metal albums like Immortal's Battles in the North this is true yet not evident because you need to dig under the layers of noise.

IMHO, "Blackened" Death is just Death Metal with less variety. Although I like some bands of this style I do think they are not as strong as pure Death or Black Metal bands.
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