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Полная версия: Black metal vs death metal
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What do you think about war between black and death metal? Nowaday it look's like this problem faded away - there is so many band called blackned death metal or sometimes we can't distinguish black from death metal vocal. As I remember the war started in first wave of norwegian black metal when they tried to be "kvlt as fuck". It concerned about being "mainstream" and too much "technical" but as we see now, black metal can be very technical nowaday.

I mostly listen to black metal but I can't imagine life without death metal at all. How about you? Is mentioned problem really faded away?
Black metal is my favourite...but I also feel that these days there are many sub-genre of black metal which is confusing sometimes. everyday a new band release their demo. very few of them sounds good but most of the new bands are shit with no new materials. As far as Death metal is considered...I'm not much into I can't put my opinion.
it's pointless to compare them. When the genres were just starting out, there was barely any distinction, - people that were into extreme music listened to everything; the Norwegian scene was so militant because most of the death metal genre at the time, especially in Scandinavia, got so oversaturated that it essentially turned into heavy pop music, - musically and aesthetically; death metal there and then no longer represented any of the values it originally started with, hence the 2nd wave of Black Metal. Outside of those events, I don't see any rivalry per se, let alone a "war".
Old school black and death metal I like and always will.
i see no war. So many styles that doesn`t interesst me much how they named. i can´t difference between the styles. I can say that´s what i like or thats not.
мне нравится дэт-метал
I like NSBM, but MDM I like too. I cant split beetween.
it dosent works
Black - it's best!
Death - it's best too!!!
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