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Hello everyone !!
I'm interested in your experiences and metal scene/life in your countries.
Imyself live in Croatia and I must say, the scene used to be good, but now there are not many good bands left.
However, what I am most intersted in are the good concert seasons, which used to be so awesome here that we could hardly make it to every great black or death concert, which has also changed during the years, to my great despair Sad.
It's basically due to bad organization and lack of ppl willing to organize big gigs, but it''s still decent.
So, where are u guys from and how's the situation in your countries??
Btw...anyone from Croatia or Slovenia here ??? :-)

Thanxxx and cheers
Hi man i'm from venezuela right know and for 15 years the metal scene is so poor do to politics and economic reason is so difficult to grow up like 90's. But still have so many bands here.. I'm right know druming with Hellbents rise, we do some live performance this year in maracaibo city. The last we do was 05/05/18 on maracaibo is call Metal United World Wide Tour that consist stay in metal live one night around the world, was a nice idea and experience becouse the same idea was apply in different country and cities..

Ill give you some materials about the band
Lets some video of the band https://www​​/watch?v=AA3​JdqZiVM0 8-)

here I post the 2015 album Genesis

so you can check, share with friends and support us drinking some beers jeje..

I invite you and all metalheads friends listen to us..
Thanks, and cheers from Cabimas venezuela.
Hi !!!
I'm from Croatia and yeah, I understand you completely...we have the same problem here...
During the 90s and early 2000s, the scene was quite good, but then bands simply began to split and slowly vanish from the scene, while on the other hand, many new bands turned up, but their music is not really "true" death or black so I'm not too thrilled with things round here...
I don''t think it has to do much with the horrible political and economic situation, it's more about people sticking's metal that shoul keep us metalheads UP..fuck politics xxxddd it's terrible here too, but I am extraordinary HAPPY when there's a great gig or a great concert season, but the organizer are pretty lame so it's hard...
Btw...thx a lot for the link, I will check it out :-)
And, las, but not least, I'm a WOman actually xxxxddd, but I guess you couldn''t have known if u haven't seen my profile pic....
Te deceo todo lo mejor y viva Venezuela metaleros !!!!!
Hi, how are you doing? Very well I hope.
I'm Licerio from Brazil, and I live a bit far from places where there's a metal scene. I bought a car 4 years ago and thanks to it my wife and I can go to those places whenever I got some extra money.
Underground here is resistant, but I feel like it's fading away as time goes by... I've been to some small underground fests nearby and just a few people shows up. Despite of that I've been introduced to some extremely awesome bands like Velho (raw black metal with lyrics in portuguese), Luxúria de Lillith (black metal with lyrics in portuguese too), Necrobiotic (death metal - this one has recently been in Poland in Germany), Escarnium, Mortifer Rage, Nephast (all death metal), Torture Squad (thrash metal) etc... We have some big festivals too. One of them, after 17 years, didn't happen this year due to economic reasons, but I hope it happens next year. Amorphis, Grave, Samael, Grave Digger, Angra, Shaman, Sepultura are some bands I had the pleasure to watch there. Here in Brazil is very difficult make happen event due to dollar be almost 4 times the price of 1 Real (Real is Brazilian currency), so it's difficult to bring bands from other countries. But still some guys run the risk of bringing those bands, and I had the pleasure of watching Testament, Cannibal Corpse, Epica, Lacuna Coil, Megadeth and Black Sabbath. Despite of Brazilian horrible economical situation we always find warriors here to keep metal alive, even if sometimes they are financially injured.
Hey there!
My first forum post here, really glad to see the english format now  Grin 
I live in Wales, UK. I guess im pretty lucky in some respects as we get quite a few bands come over from both Europe and America, and we also have some amazing festivals. This year at Download will be my 12th year and i cant wait for it.
On the plus side we do get all the big bands coming over doing tours and playing festivals which is great, cant deny that. On the negative side thats prettymuch all we gets in many respects, we dont see allot of the fantastic smaller artists from Europe or America, I often look at European festival lineups and am quite jealous lol!
For pubs and clubs there is a metal/rock club in every major city, the smaller towns not so much sadly, but most places of any reasonably sized populace have at least the "rock type" pub somewhere.
There have been some great movements towards making discrimination of metalheads and other alternative cultures a hate crime here, thanks largely to the hard work of Sophie Lancaster's family. A tragic story of a young pretty metalhead girl who was beaten to death simply for how she looks. In the wake of her death they set up the Sophie Lancaster foundation to make this sort of thing a thing of the past here, baby steps, but they are making great progress.
For the most part there is a great and thriving underground metal scene here, though in some cases some great bands dont get the chance to shine as much as they could, but i think thats probably the same everywhere.
There is always a metal gig nearby somewhere, and you are never more than a few months away from an awesome rock/metal festival. Grin
Metal scene in Serbia is very shitty... Not because of bands, there are good bands, playing all genres of metal, but thanks to the fans or crowd or supporters, call them whatever you want. We had band like Marduk last month, around 100 people on concert... Also some less known bands, very good bands, 20, tops 30 people... But some crappy cover bands have over 300 people on their gigs... One music shop in capital(3 million souls), small amount of venues, dj nights where you listen playlists on rapeat (modern MP3 djs)... Great bands like The Stone, Infest, Kozeljnik, etc. have few tours every year all over the Europe, but have only one concert in Serbia, still only few people you can see supporting them... Sad, very sad.
Here in Chile is quite great, though I don't like all kinds of metal here but the Death metal scene is in great shape, lot of gigs and small venues all the year, you can find your metal quite easy but not very cheap! (it depends!) lots of bootlegers of t shirts, posters, pin, etc. Few metal shops are underground related but a lot of distros, its great overall. Still can't enjoy it all, lots of sheeps in black, gossip fuckers, groupies... christian and jewish behaviour! anyway, great place, I guess!
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