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Полная версия: seeding but not uploading
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For some reason torrents downloaded from MT are not uploading. The torrent is seeding. I checked my port is open and it is, but I'm never getting connections and never upload. Not good for my ratio Dirol .

I am using qbittorrent, traffic runs through a VPN provider that does port forwarding. Again, I checked and connections are possible. (I've seen uploads on public trackers).

When I look at trackers for a torrent, it shows the URL:

It also says Received: 50, Seeds: 269, Peers: 62, Downloaded: NA, Message: (empty).

Edit: the above fixed itself, it just took some time I guess. I've got 50mbit upload but I only get 1 or 2 connections though doing a few Kb/s. Is that in my settings somewhere? I don't have a limit on slots or active torrents and I did not use bandwidth throttling.

Also, can I enable DHT, PeX and LPD or should I leave those disabled? Can I (or should I?) enable anonymous mode?

I have the same problem every day now, everything is working, but upload is not working, my upload count is 0, my client is seeding over 100 torrents.
I've got the same problem, got system message about a local demo band which I continues to seed, even updated the trackers to seed it and now I don't show it as seeding and still got the messages.
i check this out wil make a torrent and try if this working ....