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I'm looking for this album:  Various Artists - "Metal Hammer - A Tribute To 1984" from 2014.  Hopefully someone here has it and can post it?  Thanks!
i can grab it, in lossless ('cause not found in mp3). but not sure that would be quick. write me PM for about.
actually, torrent already exist on tracker, in mp3 192, but has not correct description.
here's a link:

and here's come lossless:

next time use the search on tracker correctfully (this time keywords were "Metal Hammer"), and try not post new thread besides parallel request topics here: #1 or #2.
Hi Im looking for BLutEngel: Un:Gott  new CD a very good gothic synt music
I also want to grab this album.
spanish dictionary
I´m searching for album from The Scream, if anyone got any that would be awesome...

The only album i already have is Let it Scream..