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Anyone know bands like these? with that magical sounds?
Try Les Discrets, Amesoeurs (Neige of Alcest is in this band).. hm.. Fen, Woods Of Ypres
You have to search Post Black Metal and Shoegaze, this is the name of the genre
Some people asociate this kind of music with post rock but I think you have to look for Shoegaze
Post-black or post-black/shoegaze type stuff yeah. Some other bands have some similar styles. Wolves in the Throne Room has some stuff that's kinda like Agalloch, also Lantlos, Heretoir, Grauzeit, Old Silver Key, Mortifera and to some extent Paysage d'Hiver, Verdunkeln, Void, Thranenkind, etc... (If you haven't noticed I'm big into the German scene :P)
I would definitely recommend Amesoeurs, Old Silver Key, Valfunde, Austere, Lifelover, Shyy, Lantlos
what about angmar? or soliness
This is my favourite style! Search for shoegaze or blackgaze or post-black metal, and here are some albums to check out:

With an Alcest type clean vocal:
- 'Loveless' by My Bloody Valentine (generally considered the best shoegaze album, probably not on this tracker)
- 'Nowhere' by Ride (another classic shoegaze album you won't find here)
- Amesoeurs self titled, (another Neige band, but with a sexy female vocal... great album)
- 'Adore' by Airs (recent heavy shoegaze with doublekicks)
- 'Silver' EP by Jesu (droney shoegaze)
- 'Touched' by Nadja (instrumental shoegaze / drone)

With a black metal style vocal:
- '.neon' by Lantlos (Neige from Alcest sings on this)
- 'Where the Sea Gives Up Its Dead' by Draugadrottinn (viking blackgaze!)
- 'Bergtatt' by Ulver (a great introduction to a truly strange band)
- 'Melancholie2' by Coldworld (depressive style winter sounds)
- 'Sunbather' by Deafheaven (verging on screamo / punk style)
- 'Alpha Eri' by Alrakis (ambient outer space sounds)
the fall of every season -
I like Amiensus a lot

When you say Agalloch, I'm guessing you're referring to bands with nature themes and with atmospheric sound, some bands of the Cascadian scene for example (aka: Atmospheric BM) have a similar sound to Agalloch, that may interest you, some atmospheric:

Oak Pantheon
Sleep White Winter
Vow of Thorns
Dark Forest
Abigail Williams (the latest album)
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