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Dear Community,

The Torrent "Humiliation - Discography" has been updated.

There are 0 seeders :-(

I want to support seeding, cause i have the old data and i have the latest album (2015) .

My question is:

What to do if a torrent is updated?
How to support seeding?

My older torrent is diffrent to the updated, so i have the data, but i cannot support seeding..

What to do, so that this fantastic Metal Band from Malaysia is back online again?

Thx in advanced !!
Greetings to all Metalheads \m/

cu ,
whenever i try to create the torrent, i can never seed it after downloading the torrent.
Restarded seeding what I haven't lost due to me getting a new pc. Hope this helps Smile3
(01-22-2018, 05:39 PM)stigmatix Писал(а): [ -> ]Restarded seeding what I haven't lost due to me getting a new pc. Hope this helps Smile3

To download each torrent file. Manually, in your torrent client to be seeding
or using uTorrentBackup software program. it will save all your torrent-files and configs in (your named) backup folder that will you restart on any other PC, just relocate that data folder, and use the program again to restore.
он уже всё похерил. поздно ему прогой пользоваться... теперь только ручками.
обычно тоже ручками восстанавливаю. заодно проверяю, где нету сидов, на случай починки_)
(11-20-2013, 07:22 AM)hunterarticuno Писал(а): [ -> ]How do I achieve the act of redownloading my uploaded torrent when I can't get any peers and no one can seed it yet (because I have to initiate it obvi)? Sorry for the newfag questions.

Open the torrent using the metal-tracker link, select the location that has the file you are uploading, and select "force re-check" using your torrent program.
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