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How does someone become a Seeder?? I have found so many CDs/tunes that I would have loved to download, but couldn't because there were no Seeders!!

If no one wants to Seed, then it should be removed so others can bring in their music!!
Actually, I got a PM saying something I downloaded needed to be seeded and i had no idea what to do.....I couldn't figure it out either......
When you create a torrent, time should appear, which means that you got up for distribution
If it is a torrent you already downloaded, you can search this torrent again here on metal tracker.
Add it to your torrent program. Start downloading. Then pause the torrent. When it has created
the folder for it, copy your downloaded torrent into it. Then force re-check the torrent. As the
data is an exact copy, your torrent client will recognize as 100% downloaded and start seeding it.

I had to do this earlier, as I was migrating from utorrent the qtorrent.
Hi there, Im new here.

Can someone seed Gardenian that would make me happy

Your friendly metalhead from Sweden : )
retro is correct , had to do this a few times.