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This used to not happen, until yesterday. Yesterday I was trying to download a torrent, and it said that I needed to raise my reputation so that I didnt have to wait a minute for the tracker to download onto my computer. Why is this? And how does one raise the rep. on here? lol thanks in advance!
Im in the same someone please reply in English please..
Thnks in advance
I have had the same thing happen with me too.
(07-10-2013, 08:03 AM)Sanahta Писал(а): [ -> ]

Ok, thank you for that link. It did help, and I wasn't aware of the whole reputation system until now. One more question, where can I see how many reputation points I have, that is... if I do have any, which I should because i've uploaded about 3+gigs - haven't been on this site for to long anyhow. Thank you in advance.
I do not know English, so explain in pictures Smile3
[Изображение: 6cc6405df8db.png]

[Изображение: fd5252fb86f3.png]
(07-11-2013, 06:01 AM)Sanahta Писал(а): [ -> ]I do not know English, so explain in pictures Smile3
[Изображение: 6cc6405df8db.png]

[Изображение: fd5252fb86f3.png]

Thanks for the help.

P.S. You guys should download, Agathocles - Thanks for your hostility ( ALBUM )

Freakin brutal.

Previously users raito was only calculated as uploaded traffic divided to downloaded traffic. This is not reflects full effort made made to tracker development, and now it is only one part of new reputation system. Our targets are:

1. Users keep seeding downloaded content. So for each uploaded Gb you will be awarded with 5 reputation scores
2. Users add new releases and seed them. For each uploaded active release you will be awarded with 10 reputation scores. Note that only active releases are counted. If torrent become dead this points will be subtracted until seeder comes back.
3. Users add really interesting content. For each "Thanks" you will be awarded with 1 reputation scores and 2 for "Respect"
4. Users to be involved in forum discussions. For each "+" on forum you will be awarded with 25 reputation scores (-25 if you will receive "-" on forum)
5. Users regularly visit site. So for each month after registration you will be awarded with 10 reputation scores
6. Users respect site rules and be polite with each other. Moderators and Administrator are allowed do remove reputation from user if he/she break site rules, use abuse language.
I have a query. Suppose I download an artist/album completely and I continually seed but no one else come to download that artist/album. What should I do then?
nepal1000, this is only my opinion but I think it's better seed that kind of album for a community point of wiev, that's because important and big bands have yet many seeders and another seeder more or less (that's my opinion) make little difference, instead an album with a low request in one hand are rarely downloaded by other users but in the other hand can be a rare album, difficult also to be founded in internet worldwide so it makes comunity more rich and high valued. In the end an aspect to consider is that a rarely downloaded album will give you low respects point due to the low uploaded traffic, that's only an idea but found a way to reward users that seed rare album can make community more rich...!