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I begin : I'm French, 44 years old, listening to Metal since 1983... I love all kind of Metal, specially Thrash and Death Metal... My favourites bands are Metallica, Slayer, Death, Mercyful Fate, old Kreator and all the stuff from the 80's/90's, Legion Of The Damned, and a bunch of weird stuff from Grindcore to Heavy.... Thanks to the staff for all your work, making me discover a lot of good music !!!! Metal up your ass !!!!!
Im follow: Im 29 and come from this site accidentally in google while searching about Dragon Guardian..btw im power metal fans..especially band from Japan..

if wanna know me just go to my profile..btw im new here..still rookies..

P/S:im born on 1983..hahaha

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I'm Brazilian, 18 years old, I started listening to rock when I was a child because of my father...
Im into some hard rock/glam metal bands (because of my daddy too), my dream is to travel for the Sweden Rock Festival, maybe one day...

Keep rockin' and remember, you're only as good as your cowboy boots! hahahahaha
Hey there, I'm Greek, 24 years old and I've been listening to metal since I was 14. Starting with Iron Maiden and Metallica, at the time I used to think that bands like HIM were metal (lol). I listen to pretty much everything, but I kinda prefer black/gothic/doom to other genres. Sooo... Pleased to meet you! ^^