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Полная версия: Anyone listen to Japanese Metal band??
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Well, the original poster sopoke of something more in line of power metal but here is few band more towards speed, black/thrash and heavy/punk:



Tokyo Yankees





Not sure about if G.I.S.M fits to the description as it is more valued as a influence in crust punk and grindcore.
Hello bros!
I found this site sometime ago, have a HUGE collection of doujin muwid, doujin metal and some 8-bits music
Don't fear, the layout is sick but the site is great, they have direct links for cds and each music.

PS: They have around 270 GB of music with direct links. You also can hear from the site just clicking on the song name.
Ah, but the biggest part is just doujin music, you need some luck, i don't checked too much links kk

Try this first:
If you're looking for japanese power metal albums, you should check Balflare. Sadly they seem to be virtually unknown but have a couple of very decent songs and even full albums. I'd post my favs here, but they're not on youtube, so here's a mix:

Band: Balflare
Genre: Power Metal
Boris, Coffins and Gallhammer (If they havent already been mentioned!)
I love Galneryus, they are truly amazing.
Genre: Power metal
(11-10-2013, 12:02 AM)abap Писал(а): [ -> ]Church of Misery

They love to write about serial killers and their music is dope as fuck. If you are any sort of doom fan give them a listen.

They are really great band... when I first heard them I needed some time to get them in my ears but when that was done I couldn't stop listen to them. I love all of them albums(5) and when the last album "Thy Kingdom Scum" (2013) came out I was listen to that s#it for weeks and weeks.
Vermilion-D: Alice Syndrome ,Vaguedge Dies For Dies Irae and Coffins....First ones wat comes on mind in my playlist...
Try out a bit of 80's Power Metal. The Band is called Loudness. Rock & Roll Crazy Nights. Enjoy Smile3
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