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Полная версия: Anyone listen to Japanese Metal band??
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I don't know any power metal from Japan, but I like japanese Death Metal bands, maybe you'll like them:

Band: Kissing the Mirror
Style: Touhou/Melodeath
Song: Boundless Drive

Band: Blood Stain Child (now this one has influences of Power Metal ^^)
Style: Progressive Death Metal
Song: Stargazer

Band: Undead Corporation (this one is more on the Metalcore side)
Style: Touhou/Death metal/Metalcore
song: Access Me
supergroup LOUDNESS and metal romantics VERSAILLES
This is not exactly what you asked but it's really good

Band: Kikagaku Moyo
Style: Psychedelic Rock
Song: There Is No Other Place

Band: Melt-Banana
Style: Noise Rock
Song: Candy Gun
Band: Envy
Style/genre: Post-Metal

Song: A Warm Room

Song: A Will Remains in the Ashes
I only know Loudness Whistle

...... I've finally discovered BABY METAL...... guys...... it's like a strike of a lightning...... they're are incredible!!

(09-20-2013, 01:56 PM)naufaljiro Писал(а): [ -> ]Im addicted to Japanese metal especially power metal style..:):)

Initially i just know about Concerto Moon and introduce by friend on 2007 about Galneryus..from that moment im hooked with power metal..

time goes by, there a lot of power metal band worth to listen... power metal,speed metal, symphonic metal, neo classical is my favorite style/genre

btw, anyone know about doujin metal/ touhou metal??

how about introduce some of the Japanese power metal band (if you know some)


ok for the starter:

Band: Eclipseed
Style:Doujin metal
song:碑のEternal Chain (Ishibumi no Eternal Chain)

sharing is caring:):)

Hi dude, you might check out Odin or Gauntlet (both are very good, but il deeply prefer Gauntlet)
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