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I'm new here. Sussing if there's a preferred archive method for torrents.

I usually just put mp3s or flacs in root (artist name)/ album folder / filename = track number + track title . ext

I embed image in metadata compatible with vlc and winamp and put complete + individual album m3u @ root / .

No junk text or jpgs.
just post anything you like
I, personally, use the following:
Artist / Year (XXXX) - Album / Track Number (XX) - Track Title .mp3

In Example:
Slayer / 1986 - Reign In Blood / 10 - Raining Blood.mp3

I usually add one .TXT of the band's official site, merch store and the info & credits. As well as a cover.jpg. I've had issues where either embedding wasn't complete. But I have since starting using different methods. I'll have to change that habit.