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RE: YOUR BEST ALBUM OF 2000-2010 :

Gojira - The Way Of All Flesh (2008)
Ceremonial Castings - Salem 1692 (2008)
best album 2000/2010... herey you go

Abmornality - Contaminating the hive mind

first one that did pop up in my mind, really awesome and brutal, F E M A L E vocals!!! yess simply the best! have fun wwith it and make sure to check em out!
Isis - Panopticon 2004
Amon Amarth 2006 - With Oden on our side
Kampfar 2011 - Mare
In Vain 2013 - Aenigma
альбомы за все время самые
Rytmihäiriö : Sarvet, sorkat, salatieteet

they call it Surmacore.
huh...not easy

Agalloch - The Mantle
Mastodon - Crack the Skye
Opeth - Blackwater Park

i would also put Dream Theater, Insomnium, Blind Guardian, Dark Tranquillity, Epica, Amorphis, Ayreon...and many more, but this are my favourite picks Grin
Celtic Frost - Monotheist

Tom G Warrior is a genius, to bring the band back from the dead with this monster of an album shows how much of a genius he really is. While not the greatest guitarist, you will not find a better lyricist, or better composer of atmospheric metal.
That's pretty hard.

Furia - Grudzień za grudniem

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