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If you're a metal girl, tell me why you like rock and metal? and what's your favorite band? Smile3
Pretty sure there's plenty. And I'm here too Smile3 Mostly listen to doom, sludge, stoner, drone, and black metal.
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Hey, I'm a girl who likes metal.
I guess I like rock and metal because I grew up with the classic rock bands my father used to listen to when he worked.
I got used to those sonorities - the heavier bass and drums compared to most pop genres - so I just took them and turned it up to eleven until reaching a much more brutal threshold over the years. Helped a lot when going through shit too during school hahah! Setting foot in metal was a fairly natural path for me (though my brother took the opposite route and went to listen to reggae instead, which is interesting)

So nothing that outlandish really, I guess we all just found our way to this genre cuz it spoke to us in one way or another
I like rock & metal because that is the music I discovered on my own. I started with (and still absolutely love) punk music, which by extension got me into hardcore punk, crust punk & thrash metal. I tend to enjoy the sounds & lyrics of the music I enjoy. Over time my music taste became more extreme in all directions, from liking the noisy & heavy side of the extreme metal genres to the soft & introspective style of ancient traditional music. I have quite the diverse taste in music and metal will always be a part of that taste.

A favorite band is tough to choose. I love so much music. I will try choosing different ones based on genre. For doom metal, I love basically everything Paradise Lost has done in that direction. As for thrash? Another tough one but I probably choose an old classic like Kreator, simply because they have stuck with me for so long. Death Metal? It has to be Gotsu Totsu Kotsu. For Black Metal, Sigh really does it for me. I'm not into power metal at all, outside of those all girl Japanese bands, so I will say Lovebites because they are a blast. The earlier extreme metal? Gotta be Celtic Frost, I love old stuff & Monotheist rules my world. Hard Rock? Probably Band-Maid. Normal Heavy Metal? Show-Ya or Ningen Isu. Folk Metal? Tengger Cavalry, Ancient Call remains a load of fun. I could list endless favorites of mine, really. I'm a lover, not a hater ^.^* I even like it when people find joy in music that I personally do not like, it is the beautiful thing about music.