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Darkest Horizon
Epic Melodic Death Metal

they have released 2 eps and will be releasing an album in a few months, they are also one of the very few epic melodeath bands and in my opinion are the best one, they have too little fans which is why i posted them, check them out, especially if you listen to melodeath

Band from Stavanger, Norway, formed in 2007.
Kvelertak have Norwegian lyrics and their main influences are rock and roll, black metal and punk rock.

This music has its balls! If you like British old school punk rock wipe-outs like The Exploited, you just find another masterpiece to your collection!
Ihsahn (Progressive Metal)

Every album is like a journey that you never know where will end, the lyrics and the music itself leave your mind wandering through the themes of each song, there is almost a black metal atmosphere surrounding it without it never being black metal and the jazz influences completely blow my mind and on top of that it all comes from the mind of one man (Ihsahn) who is always innovating since the times of Emperor
Faktion (Alternative) (Canada)

I love this band. Can always listen to it. Unfortunately they only released one studio album then disbanded. Still one of my favorites though!!!
Grey Widow - (Blackened Doom/ Sludge)

Heaviest british band i've heard in a while; seriously, crushingly heavy!!

Mors Principium Est
Meodic Death Metal
they released 4 studio albums and kinda changed during the years, but in a good way, enjoy some good melodeath from Finland
Amon Amarth ( Melodic Death Metal )

Amazing.. Just amazing. Their music is what I use as an example of Melodic Death Metal. That's what the genre means to me, at least. Their viking lyrics and huge sound work well together
Krallice (Black Metal)

Very high production values, great technical and artistic merits and they rock like no one else I know.

Djerv is a FEMALE FRONTED Norwegian band, whose music is a mix of rock, heavy metal and black metal.

Her voice somewhat resembles Pink and/or Janis Joplin to me.
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