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Dark Tranquillity-Melodic Death Metal

One of melodeath legends, every one of their albums has a different atmosphere, yet every time it's awesome in its own way, i'd recommend listening to the gallery and projector first.
Megadeth ( Thrash, Heavy metal)

Because, it's Megadeth. Duh! Thrash metal is lucky to have Megadeth because in my opinion Thrash metal really was diversified. I think Metallica and Megadeth set the standard blueprint for what Thrash is. Megadeth more so than metallica, but those two nonetheless.
Five Dollar Crackbitch (Death Metal)

Just a cool German Death band i came across the other day, heavy vocals and drums.
W.A.S.P. (Heavy Metal. Hard Rock)

Because Blackie Lawless is a genius!. I recommend listening to Headless Children & Crimson Idol first.
Divina Enema (Avant-garde metal)

I think they have one of the only true avant-garde "visions" in their music, and their vocals are so unique, worth checking out.
Ancient Bards

Italian Power metal band, with really great songs. Really worth a go Smile3
Midnight Odyssey.

One of the best Ambient Black Metal bands I've ever heard.
Savatage (progressive metal)

Their earliest stuff is more dark and heavy than progressive, but the rest of their music frankly blows me away! Trans-Siberian Orchestra formed as a side-project from a couple members, and of course Jon Oliva's Pain formed from... Jon Oliva from Savatage. Most of their albums are fully realized concept albums, but rock just as hard and heavy as any metal and thrash band. Frankly, they are the band I tend to judge other Progressive Metal bands by, and to be honest I find many bands lacking in comparison.
Plaga (Black Metal, Poland)

Just amazing and unique feeling. One best BM bands from nowadays.
Wormed (Brutal Death Metal)

My favourite Brutal Death band! from Spain, I love the space themes of the band, the vocals sound alien and differet from the usual BDM vocals, the lyrics are about space, Psychosis, that I really love!
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