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because of their equilibrium between melody and power, between metal and elecrtonic, between clean (male/female) vocals, screams and modern vocals, between beauty (Elize Ryd) and ugliness (the others Laugh1 )

I'm a long time metalhead, I don't know what is true-metal or false-metal, for me exists only good music, I've discovered these guys only a few months ago and ther really rock Smile3
Fleshgod Apocalypse

Symphonic Death Metal
For someone who love symphony like me, this band is very good for you! Beside I like brutal beat from death metal, so this combination on their music is awesome!
Heavy, Black and Speed
Forefathers of Blackmetal, worth checking out for any metal fan that listens to any type of metal outside seventies, because for better or worse, it affected all of it.
Hey hey we stand here in Metal Tracker why you only post famous band if here have more of one thousand incredible bands, i decide that i like all metal albums after 2011 when the form of thinking change forever, and one of one hundred bands that now i hear i can not talk about only one but to follow the rules of the post i say about one that not necessary to be one of my favourites, and this is Astral Domine, because have a solid atmospheric song and good lyrics, and for they speak about magic sorcerers and love = Fantasy.
Balsagoth - Symphonic black metal
Why worth listening to? Once you hear their slow, methodical music, your soul will soar. I would post a single song sample here, but you cannot do that - you need to hear the whole album to follow the symphony of destruction that is their music.
S takoi musikoi u vas zapoyet i dusha.
K sozheleniyu ya ne mogu zhdes' ostavit' pesn' kak primer - potomuchto eto odna is grup gde nado slishet' celii al'bom chtobi polnost'you uznat' taluyu muziku
Haemic (electronic black metal)

well this band it's not one of my top favorite, but I think it deserves more recognition. They started as a one-man-band project on youtube ( with black metal tunes made with Loopfruit (!?) that I listened to just out of curiosity and turned me instantly into a fan: love at first note!

The sound leads my thoughts to some sci-fi\horror fable world.

my fav track:
Death Grips

Death Grips has 4 and a half albums out over the course of 3 years and each made has been leaps and bounds past the last one as far as innovation while still maintaining the importance of the music and the visuals. They disbanded recently and the art they left behind will still be being figured out by listeners well into the 4000s.

"And I know soon come my time for in mine void a pale horse burns
And I fear not the time I'm taken past the point of no return
Wage war like no tomorrow cause no hell, there won't be one
For all who deny the struggle the triumphant overcome ..."
dark tranquility ( Melodic death )
simply,every metalhead in the world should listen to this band

Black Metal (Australia).
Heard their demo back in '94 or '95, waited eagerly for their 1st album "Totem" which I've played about a billion times. Their follow- up EP "Black Seed" was also fucking amazing. Good, old- fashioned black metal noisewall while having such a massive depth of sound; I just can't emphasise enough how much people need to find their stuff & have a listen. Their second album "Iconoclast" had more of a Dark Funeral feel to it, but I recommend starting at the beginning. One of those bands who haven't put out nearly enough music, although (apparently) there's something in the pipeline for them now.
They had a song on the Blackend 2 compilation, for those who've got it.

Black metal from hungary, the first band of Attila Csihar, singer of MAYHEM "de misteriis dom sathanas"; their first two demos, "the seventh day of doom" and "anno domini" are a raw concentrate of malignacy and old school black metal.

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