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When my mom bought my first cd-player (late 80s) I said we have to buy a cd too. Okay! Pick one and I picked Iron Maiden "Piece of mind". Great choice I must say. And that lead me into metal. All kind of metal.... Ancient, Sepultura. Cypecore, Cradle of Filth, Entombed, Slipknot, Naglfar, Dimmu Borgir, Paradise Lost, Metallica, Edge of Sanity, Mastodon, Darkthrone, Sentenced, Theatre of tragedy, Cemetary...the list goes on and on
Ive always been a bit alternative in terms of outlook and dress, but one day at the age of 13 I heard alice coopers poison, its cheesy as hell now that I think about it but that was me sold lol!
for years I would only listen to "classic" metal, manowar, saxon, maiden, metallica, testament, and regarded music like system of a down as "awful noise", but then one day... one day the curtain opened and I got it, and Ive been consuming music in huge diversity from Pink Floyd to Behamoth and almost everything in between ever since. I even have pink floyd and mushroomhead inspired ink, Korn next, and one day an eddie for sure.
This week alone Ive been endlessly listening to Amaranthe's new album, and listening to Blutengel at the same time lol!
Maiden & Twisted Sister Smile3
Hi Friend. Thank you for this topic. My name is Onur. And I'm from Turkey. I was born in here. Unfortunately we homo sapiens are couldn't choose a place where to born in this fucking planet. Turkey is a religious country. Most of people is religious in this country and I don't like that. Living in this country is really difficult. We have such economical, democratical and political problems. We always had. And I have a rebellious spirit. When I heard my first metal music song I was 17 years old. That song was Lamb of God-Black label. And I was really liked it. I felt something different when I listened it. I felt that my spirit is fed from this music. Than I searched new songs, new bands, new styles of metal. I listened lot of bands. But generally I liked metalcore, thrash metal, death metal and extreme metal most. I listened that bands;
Lamb of God,
Machine head;
Amon Amarth,
Cannibal Corpse,
Dimmu borgir.

And I love all of them. I love this music. I love feelings that I felt from this music. I felt rebellion, I felt power, I felt that this music is making me strong against the world, against the difficulties, against the this fucking religious public. And I turned to a metal head. And I'm proud of this. I'm happy with this music. I'm happy to have a family like you. I love you all.  And Metal Forever \m/
I was 5 or 6 and my cousin came up to me and asked me to hear "Iron Man" and "Paranoid" by black sabbath. I got hooked instantly. I never stopped listening to metal and now i'm into heavier and more articulate types of metal such as Thrash, Prog and doom metal.
Two songs by Judas Priest - Ram it Down and Metal Meltdown, sent over by a friend when I was in my teens.
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I guess it just happend on it's own... Some people were just born metalheads.
From the womb pretty much! My dad was in a band in the 80s, my mother even fronted his band. They played metal and prog rock mostly. So when I was finally created, my mom would play music on the stereo, and put headphones on her belly so I could hear stuff while growing like Dio, Hendrix, Queensryche, etc (this was '92) haha. But, my real first experience was in my dad's little home studio, I must've been like 7 or 8 maybe, he had The Warning by Queensryche in the CD player hooked up to very loud speakers. I had no idea how to work all the knobs and volume, so, unbeknownst to me, I had it fucking cranked, Warning hit me like a train and I started crying and panicking like a little bitch and he had to come down and fix it for me lol. After that I kept thinking about it, that power and loudness, it had its hooks in me right from there. I went through some shit music phases in middle school like rap and hip hop, but my reintroduction to metal to heal my disease was, strangely enough, the Nostradamus 2 CD hard cover by Judas Priest in 2008 on my portable CD player, blasted through some good headphones at the time. That was a moment of evaluation and reawakening for sure! Now for years and years my favorite stuff has been evolving, current favs being Alkaloid, Hibria, Archspire, Seventh Wonder, and Eternity's End.  Grin
it's kinda difficult for me to say what song was it that i hoped into metal world after i listened to it but from my childhood my father was into pink floyd and roger waters so somehow i remember that i sometimes there was some metal bands that i don't remember the name and the song but i know i've heard some but till 2 years ago i wasn't into metal i thought it's just some shit that someone come and just scream in the song in that time i was into rock mostly steven wilson,anathema,radiohead and much more...,2 years passed and i got heavy mental problems and refused to take pills and these kinda shits from years before but at this time my problems got bigger and i was suffering for some reasons but somehow metal turned down the volume of problems i got relaxed till that i didn't give a fuck anymore i was free i lost all of my hope i decided to choose path between two because i don't have many options for my futures it's kinda hard in this country...the only thing i remember from when i started to like metal i think it was a doom metal or idk i think maybe it was one of soen's songs the new album of their band,but after listening to it i got dragged into metal and all of it's genres so i started to gather songs from friends and i started to find new songs too and i wrote a list of bands that i want to collect all of their albums,till now i have an archive of 150gb metal music all various genres mostly doom metal...believe me guys it really helps you out,it lets you to think better sometimes,when you aren't in a good mood for years the shattering and heavy melody and rhythms is so relaxed for you somehow someone may don't like it but when you turn up the volume it calms you even more...
i'm a person who listens to every kinda of music genres not just metal musics but i like to just stay in my room and listen to my collection the whole day and they day after and the day after and... 
for me it supports me much more than my parents this days loneliness is not a problem for me now metal got me used to it now i just want to share these beautiful songs with people and get to know with other persons like me.
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