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start listening to bauhaus. Yahoo
Hey folks!
I'm new here, just found out about the site, it seems there's plenty of goods and people! Nice!
I didn't see any "I shall present myself" thread around, so I'll present here, answering to the question!

I'm a 30 yo guy from Northern Italy, which is kinda cool place to live in if you're a metalhead, since most of the big metal concerts that happen in Italy, with the big foreigner bands, are in Milan! I listen to a wide range of music, basically anything that catch my attention, but mighty METAL was indeed my initiation to deep, insightful listening. I started at around 14, with my first purchase being "The Number of The Beast" album. What a beast of an album!!!!
Since then I've been massively hooked to metal and music, I started listening to music all the time, hanging out with older people because my buddies in high school had completely different tastes, going to lots of concerts etc. My first love was 80s heavy metal and 90s power metal, than I discovered Opeth's Blackwater Park and my life changed forever...

I'm happy to meet you all and looking forward to write something here and there, sometimes, just for talking. I must say I'm a little thrilled about the whole forum concept, it's been AGES since I last hanged out in forums (because who does it anymore nowadays?).

Anyway, long live metal and good music! Cheers!

PS Just saw Symphony X live yesterday, was blown away by how good they sound and perform. Killer!!
Actually, I listened to a lot of bands before even knowing it was metal. My older brother listens to every kind of music and so do I, but I listen to metal much more than other styles. Thanks to my brother, I came to know Santana, Joe Satriani and some other bands. And it was also a time where we got to easily watch metal music videos in MTV and other music channels here in Brazil. So I got to watch videos from System of a Down, Slipknot, Metallica and stuff like that. Probably it was at the rising of Nu Metal, I don't know.

But the first band I listened to it knowing it was a Heavy Metal band was Iron Maiden. It remains one of my favorite bands to this day, by the time I started to listen to it they were to release A Matter of Life and Death.
yes bro. i first listened to metal when i was maybe 22yrs old. it was the album twlight of thunder god by amon amarth and i was blown away. then started listening to old school. and by then i had already become a metalhead bro. yo bro. motherfuckers fuck em and kill em all.
I grow up with a father who listens to alot of 70s hard rock but not much 80s heavy metal.
First time i heard 80s heavy metal like iron maiden i most been about 11 or 12 but the two things that made a metalhead was this:
When i turned 13 on the spring of 2000 my parents gave me Iron Maiden - Killers on CD, i bought their first album for birthday money.
The second thing that had a huge impact on me was a visit to Swedenrock Festival 2000 with my father, uncle and cousin, i saw bands like King Diamond, Running Wild, Saxon, DIO, Alice Cooper, Demon, Yngwie Malmsteen, Molly Hatchet, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Armored Saint, Primal Fear etc. So since the year 2000 i have been a metalhead, i love everything from the well known bands to the obscure bands and Iron Maiden with Di'Anno is very important to me, have Killers as a backpatch on my denim vest, King Diamond and especially Mercyful Fate is something very dear to me.
That´s how i become a Metalhead Smile3
I remember I was 15 or 16 and used to watch mtv2 on tv, that was the place I started to know some bands like Korn,P.O.D,Rusmus and ... . I liked Marilyn Manson very much so I started to collect his video clips. thats how I became a metal head.
I became a metalhead slowly. The first vinyl album I ever had, I stole from a friend of my parents. It was Blue Oyster Cult's "Some Enchanted Evening". Around the same time, A neighbor showed me his album collection, and I discovered Ozzy Osbourne ("Diary of a Madman" and "Blizzard of Ozz"), and Van Halen ("Fair Warning"). This made me want to learn how to play guitar, so I bought a cheap Stratocaster copy and took lessons. I learned how to play several Ozzy songs and a bunch of classic rock songs. I didn't consider myself a metalhead yet, though. As I got better on guitar, I found that playing metal was more fun than other types of music. I also listened to a lot of Joe Satriani and Yngwie because they were unbelievable players. I didn't discover Slayer until my early twenties, but that's when I started listening to more aggressive metal and realized I was a metalhead. I loved listening to metal, and I could play it on my guitar. I love all kinds of metal. This site is amazing, and I appreciate all you contributors and moderators and metalheads in general, because you keep the runaway train of metal music on the tracks! \m/
Finding bands like metallica, pantera & priest as a child, by middle school I'd say I was about 80% there, by high school full blown, no return.
39 years so far of metal & chaos.
The only downside to being into it for an extended period is all your favorite bands get older as well, either breaking up or dying. The worst fate is the band that should've quit but became a dinosaur & is essentially a different band/style.
A have to admitit...this is a very easy question. What made me a metalhead was when I listened heavymetal for the first time. I started listening bands like Iron Maiden, Manowar,Metallica and all bands at the time about 27 years ago.
AC/DC Hells Bells
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