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I was 12 or 13. Walked into my local record store and told the dude behind the counter I wanted something angry. He handed me a CD copy of Slayer's Reign in Blood. I was hooked and we became great friends over the years.
I never really liked much music as a kid, my dad like Deep Purple, Rainbow & most "classic rock" bands.

I decided to start buying metal albums based on their album cover - being a big fan of fantasy art i discovered some cool bands. Started with the NWOBHM - Angel Witch, Cloven Hoof, Diamond Head, Maiden, Priest before going for the traditional sounding HM from USA like Warlord, Cirith Ungol, Savatage.
My dad. He listened to rock/80's heavy metal. I just had a taste for music a little darker and heavier.
My first concert was on his shoulders around the same time I started to walk. That was also my first time headbanging. haha
I was about 9 years old and I was hanging out with a couple of friends when I met a guy with an Iron Maiden T-shirt.... I never saw Eddie before and I liked that shirt so much so I stopped the guy asking him where he did buy that. He replied naming the shop and telling me that Iron Maiden were an amazing heavy metal band. Heavy Metal? I was so curious... After a while that same guy gave me a 90 minutes cassette which contained songs from Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Ac/Cd, Helloween and Guns 'N Roses.... I was listening to that cassette all day and the day after and again and again.... The feelings I felt were so intense and powerful, I got shivers and stuff... I realized that genre of music was the one for me! Then I started to buy Iron Maiden's original albums and to try to discover other metal bands (at the time it was way more difficult than today of course) so over the years I came into 'tallica, Slayer, Sepultura, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Emperor, Immortal, Dissection, Samael etc etc until now and I guess until the end of my days ;) \m/
I blame my sister, but she isn't into metal. Her ex-husband was like the big brother I never had. I think he was driving me to my first day of high-school and he put on a Megadeth CD and I was like :OOO THIS IS FKING AWESOME.
At the time, I was really into Led Zeppelin and Rush mostly because of the radio (yeah, I listened to the "classic rock" station haha) but I also really loved Nirvana and it just all went uphill from there.
During my freshman year, I went to Mexico, picked up a Metallica discography and listened to it nonstop. Eventually, I started dating a boy from school who was in a thrash band. He showed me some thrash bands but I never really liked them as much as I love my melodic and black that I found on my own.
It's been pretty hard, a lot of the "metalheads" at school are his friends so I just try to avoid them. They're more punk than anything. I just can't wait to get out of this damn school. Haha.
I dont know about you guys but until i was 14/15 im 20 now,yeah im young wish i could be older to see some of the bands that i love that are no longer till 14 i didnt really had a taste in music nothing really brought emotions in me,never downloaded any music i had nothing to hear but those pop songs and rap that kept passing on throught the TV,that i didnt really enjoyed but was the music everyone was talking about,being african living in angola never had any realtions to rock culture i didnt even knowned ac/dc just for you guys to see how much of an idea i had at that age,till one day i saw headbangers balls on mtv i was like WTF IS THIS SHIT IT FEELS SO GOOD,got to know a few bands like rammstein and moonspell and others,i was going on the right path for the first time,then one year later or so,not even kidding a dude comes in my class we talked he introduced me to some good shit,nowadays we are best friends but man its like destiny 2 dudes in a school full of ppl more than 300 students,he had to be in my class in the same year as me,and we were the only taste in music changed in metal,at first i was listening a lot of thrash metal bands Old school rock and a litle bit of grunge and punk,now i mainly listen to doom/stoner/sludge/death metal Bands,never forggeting my taste in thrash..

And You dont realize how hard its to be a metalhead here in africa,people are so judgemetal its not like i was with a Black metal make-up or anything like that, i got my denim jeans and my t shirt and im good to go,what i mean by judgemental its your own teachers colleagues at school that dont know anything about music wanna tell you that you are crazy you only listen noise and screaming,and kept talking about how my soul is lost,but thats what metal teached me just to say fuck it and do what you want,metal is not what i like its my life!!

Btw Im about to see Electric wizard For the first time Im So Stoked about it,i live in portugal now as i have double nationality,you guys dont know how much luck you have just by living in america,or here in europe no matter if you live miles away from the city,you guys have a chance to go to every show and support the bands that you like,and feel the energy that brings all of us together..At the end all i wanna say is that all of you guys are my brothers even those deathcore dudes whom i dislike so much lol..i hope u all stay strong in metal as for me the only thing that is going to make cease the music is a seven feet hole to the ground..Cheers!!
When i have 6, Scorpions !
When i was about 8 or 9 (maybe younger dont really remember that well) i used to hang out with my 5 year older brother in his room. He was listening to metal. Korn, Slipknot, Dimmu Borgir, In Extremo, Mortiis, Rhapsody, Linkin Park, those are the bands i remember from my childhood. It kinda stuck with me and when i was about 10 i saw a picture from the guys from Rhapsody with the long hairs, and thought to myself "I want long hair, that looks awesome!"

Before all this i used to love to listen to christian music, i was raised a christian. One day when i was about 13-14 i thought to myself "if i like this kinda music i cant belive in god" so i choose for the music.

I am 23 now (almost 24) and all the bands from my childhood i dont listen to anymore. I had a small period of folk metal addiction, but thats completly over now. Ive listend to a lot of EBM, Industrial, gothic, electronic stuff with screaming, whatever the name is, but thats over aswell. Recently i really like Empirine, Archspire, Cattle Decapitation and some more of the softer stuff like Karnivool, Hacride and theres a shit ton of bands i could list here, just so many awesome stuff out there!

Thats all i have to say, goodbye now!
Thats a very good Question!
I was about 10 Years old where my father got some Vinyl from his friend at his Company.
There was the first Metallica (Garage Days Revesitet! and Kill em all and Ride the Lightnening), Iron Maiden (Killers) and Black Sabbath Stuff under them. That was the time where i came to Thrash Metal...
The first CD´s came out after that.
With about 12 years i wanted my first both CD´s. I got Cannibal Corpse / Eaten Back to Life and from ZZ Top the Antenna and Fandango Album from my parents. Very very awesome new Sound for me!
But the Story starts a little bit earlier. before was Blues and Rock :-) You asked for Metal......

OK before i was 10 years old... without 8 or something i heard all the tapes my father recordet from the Radio. There was a show called "Hard Rock Cafe"
Very cool DJs and Tracks where played there. I heard the first time Black Betty or Mississipi Queen from Mountain and other great Stuff from this Aera and my father had a lot of good old Led Zeppelin, Stones, Doors and other psychedelic Stuff. Mostly very old delta Blues LP´s. I-m_so_happy
He showed me the first steps of Guitar playing. He learned me the Blues and Mozarts "kleine Nachtmusik" on his Ibanez Les Paul from the early 70z on a Twang amp. Ok
But some years after i know bands like Sepultura, Dog Eat Dog, Megadeth, Megavier, Slayer, GUNS n ROSES! Metallica, Iron Maiden and Sabbath....
my brother played in a Band and i heard a Distorstion Pedal over a big Marshall Amp the first time. I was blowen away! Dance3
I tried it out and the whole Guitar and Hi Distortion Stuff cached me!
Thats my Story as short as possible... There are for sure many other factors why i got to this what i am. Very good threat. It is interessting how people came to this bad bad bad "satanic" music hehehe Rofl Yahoo
Greetz from Austra Thank_youDrinks
Dave Zombie
1. Father gave me The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask for my 6th or 7th birthday
2. Loved the game
3. Started getting a liking for masks because of the game
4. Discoverd Slipknot/ Liked them from the first song
5. Liked Metal since then.
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