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Conan the barbarian Popcorm2; I was 13 or 14 years old and I watched the movie, I liked his music and I wanted to get it, then when I go to the music store I was struck by the logo of an arm with sword in cassettes of Iron Maiden or Judas priest for example .. at that moment began everything

I am a good catholic boy, and as a good catholic boy I hav been in boyscoot groups where I met a good catholic man that told me that Rammstein, SOAD and Nightwish were bands I had to listen to. So I did. And God saw that it was good. The change have been easy and greatfull and now my pilgrimages are Wacken and other fetivals..
No other stlye/ genre of music can hold a flame to the feelings created and exsponged ever since hearing the first metal track as a kid.
I was 13 years old I think and I came in toutch with the album Accept - Balls To The Wall . From that moment I discofered the metal scene . Iron maiden , Megadeth , Helloween , Slayer , Anthrax etc. ....
30 years later I still go to concerts of the bands of my youth and bands of the future .
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My story is simple, just had to hear the first 5 sec of Iron Man by Black Sabbath and I was convert xD
Well it was desire for extreme music,first when I was a kid AC/DC, then I heard MM,then Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir...and then Burzum,Mayhem,Darkthrone,Emperor,Gorgoroth,Arckanum,Judas Iscariot,Ildjarn etc... and now just raw black metal ...yeah I'm fucked
I remember hearing this song with this ridiculously catchy chorus and equally catchy verses on the radio all the time, but I would always be half awake, or being driven to school so I never paid that much attention to the lyrics or the D.J. when he would say who the band was. I was maybe 10 or 11 at the time, so it really didn't matter all that much if I found out or not because VIDEO GAMES!!! In an effort to discover what band was behind this song, I left the radio on all day, every day. I did this for close to two years and never once did it come on (a watched pot never boils). Then one day I was at a used CD store with some friends and it started playing over the speakers, so I rushed the counter and demanded to not only know who it was who sang it, but also for them to give me a copy and take my money!!!

Well the song was "Run to the Hills".

The next time I went to that store I walked directly over to the "I" section, and grabbed six albums. When I set them down on the counter, the clerk who told me who did the song looked over, started laughing, and in a very stoned voice said "Yeah, man, that shit will blow your mind..."

It did, and I haven't looked back since...
Metal comes to me at school, and i hated it. In muy classroom everybody hearing Iron Maiden. I remember some people with t-shirts of AC-DC and WASP, but you made questions about them none knew those groups. They liked the draws and buyed the shirts. I hated Iron Maiden cause at bus always playing Number of the Beast and Killers. The last year i found a tape recorded lost in the ground, whitout information, and went at home. Played it in my stereo and liked me. Some months after discovered that was Kings of Metal of Manowar. At highschoold two of my friends show me Gun's and Roses and Skid Row. Not bad. From there came Metallica "in vein" Was the Black album time, and clearly my fouvorite was, and is, Ride the Lighting. Pantera was the follower, and Arise from Sepultura blew my head. The last year of highschool was the end of my falling in love with metal. Seassons in the abyss and Reign in blood came in a tape recorded an my bedroom was under siege with this tape a lot of months. From there to extreme metal. In my opinion to arrive to the extreme side of metal there are two ways. Slayer, that was my path, and Bathory. I can't understand a black, death or thrash metalhead that don't come from here (for doom there are another ways). My friends stopped the "metal evolution" in Metallica the first, and in Cradle of Fitth and Cannibal Corpse the second. So i'm alone in my way from twelve years ago.
Huge Iron Maiden fan in middle school, in high school I got into carcass, decapitated's spheres of madness and black dahlias what a horrible night to have a curse. Sepeltura and Vader have opened me up to much more diverse death metal and im still discovering new bands I enjoy every day.
Growing up my family listened only to country. I still do sometimes, as I have a family and a lot of metal is not "family friendly".

But I was about 12 or 13 and made friends with a few metalheads who slowly introduced me to the likes of Motley Crue, Metallica and Megadeth. From there I got into Iron Maiden and such.

I later learned, after putting in a Black Sabbath tape one day, that my old man was a metalhead back in his younger years and listened to Sabbath, Maiden and the like in the late 60s and 70's before I came along. We sorta bonded over that.

From there my tastes have gradually gotten heavier. I am more into Sympho Death/Black metal and Technical types of very heavy stuff. I like finding new bands, but have a hard time finding groups anymore that I can listen to. So many have gone to the gore lyrics. For that reason, I have started listening to mostly christian groups (as I am a Christian so that works for me) or instrumental bands.

Don't get me wrong, I am not a holier than thou douchebag by any means. I just feel that there is more than enough gore and violence in the world. I use music as an escape from the world, and not to get deeper into its stench.

I am hoping to use this site as a means to find more bands that meet to my liking, and maybe even meeting like minded metalheads to share thoughts with.
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