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Hey, guys. A few months ago I had searched around for skype friends. On 06/27/2014 we setup a skype group for english speaking people. If you would like to join our group you can add on skype for an invitation
good idea by the way, my skype is valera_979, if there's a wish you can invite Smile3
this is an old thread it seems but feel free to add nanota.sai!
Same here. Nothing in particular against it. Send me a p.m and I'll add you.
jep good idea....
If somebody is interessted in any kind of psychedelic stoner doom stuff or older things from the 60z and 70z fell free to chat with me.
And i make Musik too. Playing Guitar, Drums, Midi Keys and much other strange instruments. And would be nice 2 have some buddies for Cubase and so on. Mixing Mastering or whatever. Sharing Knowledge.
Oh yeah and for sure just for fun... feel free to add me under:

THX cu haph phun n rock on from dusk till dawn
Greetz from Austria
Great idea!!
My skype is just.jon2
Just saw the post, if you want you can add me too. My ID is konatayumiko_hayashi
I like lot kind of metal so feel free to discuss about anything with me Smile3
Anyone interested in doom/death or metal in general , plays instruments, into mixing/recording/mastering... Feel free to add me: vampirez-kizz Smile3
Here is a url that people can click that opens up with skype to join the group. I've never used this before, so, I don't know if it will work for everyone


You can type that into your browser and it should pop up with the english speaking group that is a group of those who's replied to here
I'll add my skype here as well, I'm 29 & from the Netherlands

Likes: Black/Death/Folk/Viking/Pagan/Atmospheric BM/Fantasy/RPG/Books/Programming/Norse Mythology/Dungeons and Dragons (NERD ALERT)

add: live:bas_driessen
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