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Полная версия: Brutal and death recommendations
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I can say I'm pretty new to metal so my band list is poor. I used to listen nothing in my youngest days (how could I?) but now I'm happy to have discovered I that love music, particularly metal.
The genres I'm interested to are brutal metal especially ones with guttural pig squeals and some good death bands too.
Thank you Smile3
Wow, thank you very much guys for giving so much names. I'll have a lot to listen these days!
I've been into some Hatestrom Annihilation lately, they're pretty great as far as death goes, though it may not be as enough as what you were thinking about. Still worth a listen though!
my recommendations will kick'n your ass LoL
1. Asphyxiate
2. Kaluman
3. Venomed

you must listen guys \,,/
Some of my favrite BDM, check them out when you have time they're great:

Defeated Sanity
Decrepit Birth
Deeds of Flesh
Guttural Slug
Thanks for more suggestions friends!
I'll go listen to them right now.