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Полная версия: What you think about Unblack Metal/White Metal ?
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It's unrelated to Black Metal, hence the name Unblack Metal. Just doesn't make any sense to me... it may be metal but it is certainly not Black Metal (the style goes against every single principle of what Black Metal is, it's just like Christians messing with Pagan rituals. They still want to keep profaning what is ours after 2000 years of sacrilege)!
Or maybe they just want to play metal and by chance it sounds just like Black Metal, who knows (still not Black Metal for me)...
unblack metal == unsweet sugar | unsalty salt, unheavy metal
... and yes! Christian DEATH metal sounds very... orthodoxal. Amen!
I do not see any problem!

After all metal is a musical style that can also be used to convey an ideology or doctrine.
No problem to me. All that yelling is about "I'm so dark and evil, I can't bear any Christians and I eat their cats ROOOAAAR", and generally is rather funny.

If there are good band that support Christianity - why not? Their choice. And there are some awsome - HORDE, for example.
Also Zakk Wylde has a few songs about "wings of Virgin Mary" or "Doomsday Jesus, we need you".
Or Black Sabbath - "After forever", "God is dead?".
(04-15-2014, 02:46 PM)djswitch Писал(а): [ -> ]
(04-13-2014, 08:02 AM)jackU Писал(а): [ -> ]
(04-12-2014, 10:17 PM)djswitch Писал(а): [ -> ]I judge my music stylistically and how epic it sounds...and for that matter, i think (un)black metal is as good as black metal and sure does have some awesome bands...

Crimson Moonlight
Arch of Thorns

...just to mention but a few

And about of unblack metal ideals, what you think

For me good music is good music, the rest are just semantics so for each his own. Like i said, i judge my music stylistically and how well it is delivered. Thats why i love Gojira (sorry to wander away from the subgenre) albeit them having weird themes like Global Warming, or Nile, despite being American but singing about Egyptian Mythology.
Black Metal stopped being classified thematically a long time ago. thats why we gat the likes of Immortal singing about a fantasy world or Nachtblut having a political theme or Marduk bashing Christians or anti-islamic bands like Janaza. You know what all this bands have in common? they all play awesome BM.
Horde's Hellig Usvart was so good that Euronymous loved it until he discovered who they are.

I hope i answered your question. Ideals dont matter to me, good music does

The only thing I care about is how a band sounds, what they're singing about ranges from uninteresting to seriously retarded in most cases anyway. I have a lot less issues with bands having christian lyrics (as long as they're not overly preachy) than with bands advocating nazism, murder or rape. A ggod thing about those bands is that lyrics are hardly decipherable for the most part, which prevents me from having to facepalm because of their idiocy. Overly christian lyrics are no less stupid than overly satanic lyrics, they're just a different kind of stupid. Bottom line is, either it sounds good or it doesn't. What it talks about is irrelevant unless it rubs you the wrong way.

Also, the whole concept of "ideals of metal" is something anyone grown up enough can't take seriously. Metal isn't a way a life, it's entertainment even if not mainstream. I can't help but feeling sorry for anyone who thinks otherwise.
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I'm sure there are some great Christian bands out there musically, but I'm not a fan of the message and thus can't get behind them.

There's nothing wrong with not enjoying something with a message you don't support. It doesn't make you whiny, or a baby, or narrow-minded.

Many people don't like racist or NS black metal for the lyrical themes, and that's perfectly okay, even though personally it doesn't offend me. Many people don't like all the gore/rape lyrics in a lot of grind music, and again that's perfectly alright, just like it's okay not to listen to unblack metal because you don't like the theistic ideology of it.

While many in this thread value music solely as a means of ear-candy, some of us enjoy it on other levels where the conveyance of issues that don't appeal to us would make it seem unattractive.

It's all subjective. If you want to listen to it, do it, if you don't want to listen to it, don't. That doesn't invalidate one way of thinking over another and shouldn't be used in an attempt to belittle anyone.
(04-08-2014, 07:10 PM)jackU Писал(а): [ -> ]What you think about Unblack Metal/White Metal ?

What you think about Unblack metal songs and the Unblack metal ideology?


Christians want to have a normal life, doing things that everyone else does. They attend universities, drink alcohol, are "scientists", etc. With music was no different; they created an "extreme" style within the metal to feel more "normal", "Look, I'm a Christian and listen to metal extreme-gospel!" The problem is that they forget that a musical style is not just a sound, but an ideology, a philosophy too. Laugh1
(04-30-2014, 10:28 AM)Lou Hess Писал(а): [ -> ]The problem is that they forget that a musical style is not just a sound, but an ideology, a philosophy too.

Thanks for making my day, no matter how many times I read/hear this I feel an urge to roll on the floor in laughter. That's an idea that belongs on the same shelf as believing Santa exists or pro wrestling is for real. Those who really believe in what they're doing are only a very small minority, for the rest it's only a show. Maybe I would've bought the shtick 30 years ago, but now it takes more than smoke and mirrors to fool me.
Good music doesn't need any wrapping, and certainly doesn't need to be sold as a circus number.
I like the idea of a black metal band that doesnt sings about bullshit.
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