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I don't get the problem with this whole 'unblack' or 'white' metal thing.
The term 'unblack' is nothing more than a title thought of by Anonymous of Horde, as a wordplay to Darkthrone's unholy black metal. He decided to call his music holy unblack metal. Nothing more or less. The music isn't or ever will be any different. And to say BM and Christian lyrics don't mix seems a bit narrowminded to me. There are so much 'secular' bands out there that also don't sing about satan or so, but about nature, history or mythology, to name a few. And they are well excepted.

Same with the 'white' metal term. This is merely concieved by a clever salesman that wanted to sell the records of the band Trouble. Due to the fact that Venom just put out their black metal album, and the record of Trouble contained possitive lyrics, here called that one a 'white' metal album.
i hate the unblack metal
I didn't even know something called white or unblack metal existed so I'll have to look for it before I can have an opinion.
Personally I don't have any problem with Unblack Metal, what really matters to me is the music instead of the lyrical content most of the time, personally I believe that music is a form of art more than anything, so to me it's an expression of the artist's feelings and thoughts, and something that really fascinates me is the passion the musician put in their ideas, feelings and thoughts, I like to enjoy that, feel what they were feeling when they recorded their music, Antestor is among my favorite Black Metal acts (or Unblack in this case) so I would listen to them if they were satanic Black metal as well, or whatever other lyrical theme, but I understand why fans of Black metal dislike Unblack, since it's the opposite of what the creators of the genre had in mind when BM was created.
I would say about 45% of the bands I listen to are in this category.
I am a Christian, but I LOVE metal. Therefore, I am drawn to these bands to avoid the negativity that the nonChristian bands have in so many of their songs.

Does this mean I don't listen to the others??? Absolutely not. I love MANY nonChristian bands. But for the really heavy stuff (black, sympho black and death etc) I gravitate to the "unblack" side.

Favorites in this realm are:
Crimson Moonlight (absolutely awesome)
Becoming the Archetype (older stuff, getting weak with the new stuff)

But I am always looking for new stuff, so I take recommendations seriously.

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(04-08-2014, 07:10 PM)jackU Писал(а): [ -> ]What you think about Unblack Metal/White Metal ?

What you think about Unblack metal songs and the Unblack metal ideology?


Christians want to have a normal life, doing things that everyone else does. They attend universities, drink alcohol, are "scientists", etc. With music was no different; they created an "extreme" style within the metal to feel more "normal", "Look, I'm a Christian and listen to metal extreme-gospel!" The problem is that they forget that a musical style is not just a sound, but an ideology, a philosophy too. Laugh1

Not necessarily true I don't think. If you look at the roots of any music, there is no inherent ideology behind it. Music was initially made as a way of communication. From there it turned into entertainment once it was no longer needed for communication. Sure, music is often used to push an ideology, but is not inherently an ideology in and of itself. Therefore, I am not sure that you could completely say that "metal is an ideology or philosophy". It is nothing more than sounds put together to make the music. The lyrical content is what makes the ideology, and you can find that content in any form of music, be it easy listening, EDM, or a capella.

As far as the other comparisons (scientists, alcohol etc), what one does should not be what makes them "normal or Christian". Scientist is but a job (or at least should be) and alcohol was consumed in the Bible even by Jesus himself. Why shouldn't I be allowed if my messiah was allowed, eh?

Just my 2 cents. No offense intended.
Music is music but image looks funny Yes
I don't really see its point. Unblack Metal is music on top of everything, and it's pretty damn good, but that's it. This is mainly because black metal itself wasn't meant to promote christianity in any way when it first appeared, so it's a bit contradictory to it's essence for me.

Other than this, everyone has the right to play whatever kind of music they want to, and if people like it, then go ahead and listen to it if you find it enjoyable and suitable for you. I don't have anything against it.
White Metal? :S

That's racist! RoflLaugh1
I think this genre can change his name...
White is white not black...
maybe change to gospel anything?
Metal is from hell not for heaven...
Metal is rebel is not from believers.
Devil, Evil, demon and etc is only a symbol for Freedom about Christianity.
Believe in devil is equal believe in god, personalities from the same alien history. Pleasantry
I see these guys saying...
God doesn't exist, but i'm satanist. Laugh1

Anyway metal is think from Satan (freedom from christianity) not for Jesus... any metal genre, white, black, pink is from hell...

hell or paradise is inner about you and not outside.

Devil is your ego and you monkey way.
God is your prison and handcuffs
free your mind and change the fuck world.
turn off your mind!

thats is my opinion.
Ave Satan
Ave Lucifer
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