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Полная версия: New Member, How to Register my Seedbox?
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I just joined last night, I got a nice (for me) set of headphones that sounded good enough that I wanted to give higher quality audio files a try so I downloaded maybe my favorite band, Tool.  The files are great, download was fast.

My question is about using my Seedbox, I see that there is no download or upload information here although I definitely downloaded the files.  This could be just due to the site not updating often, but I expect I need to contact someone here at the site and share my seedbox info.

If you know how I can do this, or can share who I should reach out to, I would really appreciate it.



p.s. I am pretty sure this is meant to be a place for seeding requests, but I didn't find a more appropriate place in the forums to post this, sorry in advance.