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Полная версия: Funniest metal band?
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In the middle of a spring time thaw, blasting Steel Panther, Anal Cunt, and Ghoul. I NEED TO BE PUMMELLED WITH RIFFS AND LAFFS!!!!! what metal hellion gives you the giggs?
to me, the funniest metal band to see live is immortal, abbath is very good for laughing, rl, and the music they create, i appreciate it a lot, it's a very good black metal, in my opinion, of course
Zimmers Hole
Boargasm (from South Africa)
Green Jello
Here's my list for starters.
Sperm Swamp, Anal Cunt, Alestorm, Nekrogoblikon, Cemetery Rapist, We Butter The Bread With Butter, Gwar
Some good suggestions so far. I'd like to add: Austrian Death Machine

(If you like a little [lot of] Schwarzenegger with your humor)
Listen to "Anal Grind" and "Prichudliviy zarodish"! There is really funny stuff!
oh man i love the black satans! those vdeos kill!
The funniest I've seen live is Trollfest.

Fun songs if you want to be a troll for awhile
Steel Panther, Nanowar, Green Jelly
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