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Полная версия: What was your first metal show?
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Blind Guardian, back in 2006 ^^
Never been. Metal acts don't come out to my neck of the woods.
first big concert i've been was whitesnake's..but first metal act i'Ve seen were Korpiklaani & Eluveitie Smile3
May Result, back in 1996, i was at my uncles job to bring him some food, and they were playing there. I was 8 yo, still love them.
Cannibal Corpse with Chris Barnes yet on vocals in 1990 Holland Atak Enschede. Together with Samael and yet some other band.
At the first band there were 3 ambulances already. Those were the days....
My first metal show was Metallica @ Birmingham NEC arena May 1990. Warrior Soul supported and were shit.
Motorhead - Belfast November 1980
It wasn't really a metal show, it was more like a festival. Green Fest in Indjija, Serbia in 2007 with Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kasabian, Ritam Nereda and other. That comes as a first bigger show. And of smaller shows it was Hard Rock Sessions Festival in Kraljevo, Serbia in 2005 with bands like Stormbringer, Gigolo, Kraljevski Apartman and more. First real metal gig was Metallica in Belgrade 2012.
Mine was Dethklok, Black Dahilia Murder, Motorhead & All That Remains.
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