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Полная версия: What was your first metal show?
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napalm death.overdose and ramp....portugal in 90 something
Kiss in 1979, with some band my ten year old self had never heard of called Judas Priest opening.
Marduk, Hypocrisy, Verjnuarmu, Suburban Tribe, Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus, Korpiklaani and some new little bands on Finland Nummirock festival 200X...
my first show was with iron maiden 2005 gotenburg
Bongzilla, Rwake, and some local bands I can't quite remember. I was 14, it was fucking awesome. Check out Rwake for some bad ass southern sludge metal, they're still one of my favorite bands.
in order-
Metallica opening for Ozzy in '86
Megadeth opening for Alice Cooper '87
Savatage & Megadeth opening for Dio '88
Dokken opening for Aerosmith '90

Megadeth & Suicidal Tendencies '92 maybe,not sure
Suicidal Tendencies & Infectious Grooves
Meliah Rage & Metal Church
The Accused
American Dog opening for Ace Frehley
Slayer,Anthrax & Motorhead
Joan Jett
The Sword,GypsyHawk & Eagle Claw
High On Fire,Goatwhore & Lo-Pan
Sister Sin & Doro
Gang Green
Sons of Huns opening for Kadavar
Electric Citizen,Lo-Pan,Pilgrim & Spirit Caravan
American Sharks & The Sword
Accept & Kreator

The Sword,Ghost,Alice In Chains,Halestorm,Lamb of God and many others I cant remember..
Sub Dub Micromachine
Cant really remember much, bet these are the main ones
1985- dio with rough cutt opening ( r.i.p. ronnieSad )
Mine was Kittie and Shadows fall in 2002
My first show ever, Megadeth, Buenos Aires (Argentina) 2005, I'm was 13 years old ...
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