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Полная версия: What was your first metal show?
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Metallica & Monster Magnet support act in '99 in Athens, Greece.

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MORBID ANGEL, Milano - Italy 1995, tour of "Domination", I was 16 and it has been a real massacre Pleasantry

I've seen them again about a year ago and it was like turning back a teenager Yahoo
My first metal show was pretty recent. My first metal show was in san francisco on the metal alliance tour with inquisition, 1349, goat whore, behemoth and some other bands. I loved the show and I am planning to go to another on the 28th in san jose.
My first show was the Dimmu Borgir from Norway.
Suicidal Tendencies, around 1993 (french tour).
Lamb of god, with Machine Head opening. I'll never forget the chant for machine head, "Machine-FUCKING-Head!", and the way Randy would belt out his vocals while dragging from a cigarette. Good times.
just a local show Sad
but still I love it, since my country is rarely invite an international band
Vader with docent around 2001.
mine was Tygers of Pan Tang @ the Ritz Swansea summer 1987
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