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Полная версия: What was your first metal show?
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First show was Nachtterror, a friends band in 2003. After that I had become engrossed in the live entertainment aspect, and kept attending shows. 2005 introduced me to bands like misery signals, goatwhore, exodus, neuraxis, and finally, one of the most memorable moments in my life, Skinless. Recently my buddy chad and I went to Alberta to see Behemoth in Calgary and Edmonton.
Summer Sanitarium Tour 2003

Linkin Park
Limp Bizkit
My first gig was Metallica with Anthrax supporting them in A 1500 seater near where i live,i was 14 and been into Metal ever since!
Iron Maiden in 2000.. It was Brave New World tour..
HIM being supported by Cathedral in Manchester. 2004, I was 12 years old
My first show was Bon Jovi,Ratt,Kingdome Come In Japan 1989.
My first metal show....
Iggy Pop
Paradise Lost
Bad Religion
Sex Pistols

Live link Festival 1996 Rome (Italy)
My first show was Mago de Oz in Chile when i was a kid 2006.
Greetings !
My first show was Gwar. One of the most ridiculous/grotesque/entertaining shows I've been to.
Iron Maiden, Sheffield City Hall, 1985.
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