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Полная версия: Atmospheric / Ambient Black Metal
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Do you like this genre and what are your favorite bands? : )))
I really love Black/Dark Ambient and started a thread about it here:

Bands I like are Xasthur, Striborg, Burzum, Nortt
I can say atmospheric black is my favorite genre
And for bands: Midnight Odyssey, Depicting Abysm, Elderwind, Ellende, Ered Wethrin, Esotis, Idaaliur, Germ, Sleep White Winter, Adabroc, Adramalech, Summoning, Caladan Brood, ColdWorld, Austere, Arx Atrata, Basarabian Hills, Woods of Desolation
Hope you find something interesting Smile3
Thanks! I didn't hear most of them, but I will hear! ;)
(06-01-2014, 07:32 PM)Liliths_Embrace Писал(а): [ -> ]Thanks! I didn't hear most of them, but I will hear! ;)

Also Ad Infinitum, Ancient Wisdom, Moon And Azure Shadows, Moongates Guardian, Achenar, Deep Mountains, Evilfeast, Mirkwood, Lustre
cant remember all but I think you got more then enough to check :)
Not like black metal but it fits into dark ambient, dark sanctuary and arcana
You should try Alrakis, a one-man band that's more in what they now call "Space" Black Metal. So if you like cosmic ambience and getting lost in the universe (or maybe one of your own) you'll surely enjoy this:

Like most atmospheric proyects it's a bit melancholic, but in fact that's exactly what I like.
Thanks you Hermes Trismegistus, Alrakis sounds good! : ))
I suggest you to check out Darkspace, Paysage D'Hiver and Nhor, I really love these bands!

Atmospheric is my favourite subgenre of BM in fact ^^
Tyrannus,I also love Darkspace,this is very good band!