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Полная версия: Any gamers here? If so; what system do you play in?
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I play on Xbox 360
I build my own computers and PC game.
I'm a total Nintendo fan, I play mostly Wii U, but I play quite a bit of PS3 as well. I'm also way into retro gaming, so a lot of NES, SNES, Genesis...
I love retro games... Right now I can only play Xbox 360, PS One or Dreamcast. My PC died
Not as much a gamer as I am a game developer, but I prefer Linux.
I play a lot of retro games though emulator and new ones on my pc. The only console I have is the old nintendo DS lol.
I like N64 and I play sometimes on my pc
PC right now, but when diablo 3 RoS comes out ps4
i play nearly every game that i can afford. i have psx ps3 and pc. ps+ helps me get some good games and if any1 need any help with trophy hunting on mp, i can help(well at least i will do my best, i'm not a trophy god or sth Rofl)
PS3 PSP PS2 PSX PC also some games on android. I actually started a habit of ripping my old psx games and playing them on my android tablet with ps3 controllers lol.
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