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Полная версия: Something like Gojira/Nero Di Marte?
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pls help me find other bands like them Drinks
@2 AgattoneK:
Dude, can you will choose something one? It's two very different styles.
Just simply click on the tags of similar groups look on metal archives, on, many similar french musicians actually there.
What kind of band do you want to know about playing?
Dude. I listened only to Gojira. And I barely can call it a Death Metal Band. "Terra Incognita" is their most related album to Death Metal.
I can only say that you're searching a combo of prog-metal and death-metal (because of wikipedia states it that way whatever it is or not). Every band that have this combination is probably too different from each other: Opeth, Nile and SepticFlesh for example. All of them playing Death Metal with Progressive Metal technics. Nor of them sounds like Gojira.

Opeth like melodic and jazzy technics and uses both extreme and non-extreme vocals and they are from Sweden, so cause of that you may already guess how it's sounds.

Nile plays something progressive but far more brutal (like Cannibal Corpse) with usage of Lovecraftian and Egyptian mythology, and with Middle East instruments and tunes. They're American Band

SepticFlesh is a metal band from Greece. They play progressive symphonic death and it is completely different again to everything mentioned before.

But the matter of fact. All four bands marked as both Death Metal and Progressive Metal. If the band chooses to make their own sounding you'll never find a band that plays like them. It's like nobody played like Death\Control Denied, or like Lamb Of God. They have their own style.

Bout breakdowns. They are mostly appear in the bands that play something more pop-oriented like djent, deathcore or metalcore (in my experince).
(01-29-2021, 07:36 PM)Hans Kloss Писал(а): [ -> ]Slayer.

say Slayer again and i will ban you as a flooder
very good