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Полная версия: Metal Archives App for Windows Phone 8.1
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I have release an app for the metal archives for Windows Phone 8.1.

The inital version supports:
• basic search for bands and albums
• recent views on the start page
• band page with band details, biography, current line up, discography, band logo and band image
• album page with album details, album art, track list, lyrics and reviews

You can download it for free from the store here:

In the coming weeks there will be updates that allow you to login and maintain your profile, set bookmarks and more.


This is an unofficial app that provides a way to view and search the metal archives.
The application is neither developed or maintained by the owners of the metal archives website.
For feedback use the email fucntion in the about page in the app.
That's a great idea. Though i don't have Windows Phone haha. Any chance for Android, maybe?
There is already an app for android (atleast says so on the site Anyway once i am done with what i want to add (working on signing in and maintaining account/bookmarks atm) then i will first create the windows 8.1 version for tablet/pc. And after that... maybe i'll take a look at the other platforms ;)

Due to windows phone 8.1 update rolling out on more devices, more people will have access to the app on windows phone now.