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Полная версия: Copyright Notice: Cease & Desist - OL SONUF "GLASS IDOLS"
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Copyright Notice: Cease & Desist - OL SONUF "GLASS IDOLS"

To whom it may concern:

Your website located at contains music copyrighted to and owned by me as the creator of the band OL SONUF, from my album "GLASS IDOLS" which is being offered for free without my authorization and against my wishes.

Be advised that NONE of the music or other content contained within my album "Glass Idols" or any future releases are to be used or offered for download on any site without written approval by me.

Therefore, your use of my music on website is illegal under copyright law and forbidden under my terms of use.

These obvious copyright infractions leave you with the following options:

(1) You will consider this a cease and desist notice and remove all of my copyrighted recordings from your site immediately.

(2) You pay me $779.22 USD for the unauthorized distribution of my music to the 78 people who have downloaded it as of today, June 21, 2014 (whose IP addresses have been logged) and THEN remove all of my copyrighted recordings from your site immediately.

I expect response to this email in a timely manner (48 hours - by Monday, June 23, 2014 at 3:10AM EST) either by the removal of my copyrighted content or via email stating your intentions.

Be advised that if no response is received, my next step will be to contact your web host (with my proof and sworn statement of copyright) and/or your ISP as they may become involved in any legal action I may have to pursue to obtain compliance.

Please understand that this letter is not a warning or threat. It is being sent to you as part of a legal process that must be followed in an effort to maintain my legal rights. You can put an immediate stop to this process by acting in accordance with this offer of good faith.


Jason Aaron Wood
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