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Полная версия: i do not upconvet
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this is my torrent

it said its upconvert . (admin said that)

I guess you can post the Spectograms as a proof.
i have the cd and i post it.
i have loocked spectres again, sorry, my bad. it`s not an unponvert
so, i checked again your two warhorse torrents. album 2001 is not upconvert. but EP 2002 is upconvert

[Изображение: ce02f-clip-336kb.jpg?nocache=1]
hi my friend. Warhorse E.P is a vinyl rip (a bad one , and not from me) and was filtered with audacity to remove the chic n clicks from the record. so the audio is lost the quality . i m not a sound genius to read the specte but if you say so i edit to bitrate to 128 kbps. thanks.

ps. this is hard to find 7' ep from Warhorse . if anyone have it in proper quality please upload it.