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Полная версия: Stuck on "finding peers 0.0%" in torrent client
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(09-15-2014, 03:30 PM)Shade_ Писал(а): [ -> ]Anyone seen any resolution to this problem? Just joined and if it's only a matter of waiting I'll be happy seeing as I've found this to be a great collection Smile3.

The only solution is to be patient

True, it took me a bit more than two days to get access.
(09-16-2014, 04:11 PM)LePunk Писал(а): [ -> ]True, it took me a bit more than two days to get access.

The thing that is really strange for me is that you and many other guys here on the tracker have had more or less problems to start downloading from these torrents...... me, instead, I've had no kind of problem to download fast and furious from the very beginning...... lucky man!!

Yahoo Grin Laugh1
Just changing from BitTorrent to Tixati torrent client fixed that problem for me.

When i joined the site, the torrents just didnt want to start, so i decided to try with different client and it worked.

I think its not the torrent client, but maybe something with the ports (i aint no expert).

Anyway been using Tixati ever since, and it's ok.

Hope it helps.
so the initiation is to be patience I hope it doesn't take days to start downloading I still waiting :/
Took mine 5 days to start after I registered, so like others have said, be patient is all you can do. Whistle2
Same problem, I'll be patient then Smile3
try to use early than 3.3.x version of μTorrent
(10-01-2014, 01:08 PM)Nihilist Писал(а): [ -> ]try to use early than 3.3.x version of μTorrent

Yeah Tzitzis here. Have the same problem I registered yesterday.

Well that early version doesn't help either Sad
Maybe its something in the tracker, have the same problem but maybe my "torrent pass" (whatever that is) just isnt registered yet with the tracker. Speculation of course..
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