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Полная версия: Looking for new stoner rock/metal bands
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Really like Sword, Horisont, Kadavar, Graveyard and the such, pretty much heavy with clean (ish) vocals.

any recommendations?
I dunno the bands you listed.. stoner isn't my genre.. but here's two the i do like.
Lord of the grave.
Colour Haze, Fu Manchu, Snail, Orange Goblin, The Mushroom River Band, Kyuss, Karma To Burn

Off the top of my head.
Check out the female-fronted Black Moth
early melvins
The Socks, Causa Sui, The Bad Light, Otehi, Soen (not exactly stoner), Tumbleweed Dealer, Beastwars, Cherry Choke, Elder, Mars Red Sky, Monomyth, Palm Desert, and many many more. Let me know if you find any of them interesting. Will give you more.
Witchburn out of Seattle, WA

Female vocals that are really good and a very influenced Black Sabbath riffs from the great Mishca Kianne. Enjoy and good luck!
Badnot necessarily stoner but... doom stoner sludge southern desert and some mix.
weed is weed, Vista Chino, Acid King, Mastondon, Red fang, Allhelluja, The grand astoria, urania, uncle acid and the deadbeats, voodoo mule, Acid witch, Kröwnn, Admiral sir Cloudesley Showell, Alabama thunder pussy, Albatroos overdrive, DOWN, Eyehategod, crowbar, beaten back to pure, The atomic bitchwax, Black cobra, black Pyramid, Black Tusk, Brutus, Mars red Sky, Carmina Diabolo, High on fire, Sleep, corrossion of conformity, Devil, Dopelord, Heavy lord, Dragonauta, Astralnaut, Egypt, Fatso Jetson, without god, Nebula, Stake-off the witch, spiritual beggars, stonecutters, surtr.............
My brothers release a new album.
listen here

I hope help you lml,
Lonely Kamel are great. Pet The Preacher, Bloody Hammers, Planets of Zeus, Kyng, Valley Of The Sun and White Witch Canyon are all worth a listen.
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