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The Legion
You could try Demoncy's Empire of The Fallen Angel. It's their most brutal album.

Also Diabolis Interium and Vobiscum Satanas from Dark Funeral are pretty brutal, especially Diabolis imo.

Carpathian Forest, Craft, Besatt (especially Triumph of Antichrist), Vociferian (especially Triumphant Usurper Beast and Iscariot Gospel, if I'm not mistaken. I listen to so many BM bands it's hard to remember exactly whose album is brutal and whose isn't) are all pretty brutal.

Satanic Warmaster, Ragnarok, Setherial (Endtime Divine is pretty melodic and yet brutal), Schrat (especially their second album), Immortal, Pest (In Total Contempt, strongly influenced by old Darkthrone).
(11-12-2014, 08:08 PM)Kopro Писал(а): [ -> ]Searching for "aggressive" (read fast yet hateful?) black metal, especially NSBM like Aryan Terrorism, Thunderbolt, Marduk, Svarttjern, Ljå, Tsjuder, Illdjarn etc.

Have you heard Antaeus? Should be what you're looking for.
I haven't seen M8L8TH mentioned, so I'll throw their name into the hat.
Asmodeus- Imperium Damnatum
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