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I would star with this one I'm watching right now.. Inspire me to do this topic

A PLEA FOR PURGING "Malevolence"
Allegaeon has a pretty funny video.
Red Fang kills it with their videos
Immortal vids are funny
Morbid Anal Fog is legendary
Abortion Clinic Dumpster Overload
Badlife (trying to be serious in this one)
Attack Attack - stick stickly (i cried i laughter)
Any band trying to be serious but coming out lame is funny...emmures new vids are funny that way...same as attack attack or abandon all ships...there's a lot of tearjerkers out there
This song has a pretty amusing video.

Revocation - The Grip Tightens:
This is one of my favorites

and then this is pretty hilarious too:

Grin one of the weirdest black metal videos ever Smile3
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