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Полная версия: Best Album for 2014
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So Far: Agalloch ‎- The Serpent & The Sphere.
Vanishing Point - Distant Is The Sun just blew me away!
Mayhem-Esoteric Warfare
Completely agree. Tom G is a genius.
Saor - Aura
Till now ALESTORM - sunset on the golden age

Not so original, but surely funny!

I made a post just the same i ll post my list here.

mastodon-once more round the sun
Blues Pills-blues Pills
fu manchu-gigantoid
Agalloch-the serpent and the sphere
Been a few for me this year:

Absolva - Anthems to the dead
Fahran - Chasing hours
Death Penalty - 1st
Accept - Blind rage
Judas Priest - Redeemer of souls


High Spirits - You are here
I'm still waiting on the new Anaal Nathrakh (Out in the end of October) and the new 1349 (Out at the end of September) before I make that call.
Well, I'd go for Mayhem's Esoteric Warfare but I'd mention Agalloch's The Serpent And The Sphere too.... Both could be the 2014 top album imo
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