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Полная версия: I completed downloading some torrents, but they just don't appear on my profile!
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I just finished downloading 2 torrents, one of them was this: and the other one was this:

I went to my profile to check the torrents which I've downloaded; some of those just don't appear under the 'DOWNLOADED' section. what the heck?

FYI, I completed the downloads, and I'm pretty sure there's nothing wrong with my internet connection, my PC or the files that I've downloaded, I hope to get it fixed asap! Though I'm unable to seed the torrents on my PC, which is a totally unrelated issue.

Regards, Hellraiser98.
the both torrents are on their places in your profile, don't worrySmile3
[Изображение: 120132657_profil.jpg]

the torrents in Downloaded section are not arranged chronologically, that's why it's not so easy to find the necessary one.