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Полная версия: Bands like Toxic Holocaust, Havok, Skeletonwitch and Goatwhore
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I really like the sound.. this fast thrash with death and black influences. Who knows bands which sound like them?
blackened thrash:
witchaven,ketzer,cruel force,slaughtered priest,ravencult,desaster,
witching hour,revenge(greece),blackevil,bulldozing bastard,whipstriker,
condor,deathhammer,envenomed,ruins,inculter,infant death etc..

riffobia,released anger,toxik,toxik death,suicidal angels,amken,
forced kill,heathen,crucifier,bonded by blood,biotoxic warfare etc...
D.R.I.!!!!!!! they are more thrash/hardcore crossover but they rule and you should listen to it if you don't already.
Can you get your bottom braces put on and rubber bands at the same appointment?
If you like speed metal punk, check this out
EP. soon!
ultra violence and angelus apatrida
Devastator, Ormskrik, High Command, Municipal Waste, Black Breath...