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I love the piano part in the Ihsahn song "Scarab".

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Tiamat - A caress of stars

A caress of stars
A silhouette in the twilight sky
The daybreak sets on silver seas
My name echoes through Crimson hills
The first time I heard "Queen of the Ryche" by Queensryche. I bought that record in 1983 out of curiosity. Never heard them. It was noisy, poorly produced and amazing!!! Still love that song today!
EVERYTIME I listen to Behemoth - The Satanist it gives me chills, every single time, I don't even know why
ooh...... guys...... great singer, great song, great video...... a full injection of energy Yahoo a song that is "a moment" from the beginning to the end Yahoo Laugh1

...... and it's impossible to miss also this one...... Yahoo Laugh1

In Katatonia's Brave, notes of utter despair from 3:00 to 5:25
It just makes me shiver.

[Изображение: 11910109_715986041841123_960330374_n.jpg...Mg%3D%3D.2]

The riff in this song at 1:57,then again at 2:15
well...... this song is nothing but a masterpiece of all times, from the beginning to the end, but the voice of Coverdale and his sorrow is something not easy to describe Yahoo just listen and enjoy Yahoo

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