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(07-24-2015, 05:20 PM)beernd Писал(а): [ -> ]Ok, time for a really really baaaaad cover version of the final countdown... enjoy Laugh1

Laugh1 it's so bad that it's absolutely awesome Laugh1 but it's also cruel to laugh, we bastards Laugh1 poor guys...... they are young and we have to appreciate the efforts and the guts...... and the voice is not so bad...... Grin Laugh1
well...... almost by accident, I've found this cover...... this very good cover, by a brasilian band...... a very good brasilian band...... well...... enjoy this classic Yahoo

HANGAR - perfect strangers - originally by DEEP PURPLE

how about this perfect strangers cover? it's perfect according to me Grin

how do i post vids btw?

(08-07-2015, 04:38 PM)abarai Писал(а): [ -> ]

how do i post vids btw?

this way Grin
ohhh okkaaaaayyy Laugh1

and yet another cool cover by Dimmu Borgir - Twisted Sister's Burn In Hell
(08-07-2015, 06:36 PM)abarai Писал(а): [ -> ]and yet another cool cover by Dimmu Borgir - Twisted Sister's Burn In Hell

Laugh1 great Grin
(07-01-2015, 10:20 PM)Zakkyliar Писал(а): [ -> ]We cant truly appreciate something's greatness without comparing it to a bad counterpart so Im gonna put this here. Unorganized, messed up shit, although I dont hate the band, this cover sucks.

What the heck... those copycat, that's a very known french song from Trust.
I read that cover you showed was a cover from Anthrax, may they doing that cover by changing all the french lyrics (that's not even a translation in fact, the "You, you're antisocial !" part is "Antisocial tu perds ton sang-froid !" (You antisocial loose your cold blood") in french).
I think the Trust version is the better one, totally :

(07-04-2015, 04:26 PM)beernd Писал(а): [ -> ]And what about this one... Originally by France Gall
I love this video

I was so freaking excited to listen to some great french pop song covers, regardless of the band genre, unfortunately I was so disapointed by the tracklist, the songs they choose aren't bad, but I wanted I'm Belgian with French for mothertongue, I hoped to see some Charles Aznavour or some Jacques Brel (Belgian not French), and the only artsist I know from that album are France Gall, Sylvie Vartan and Serge Gainsbourg, why they didn't choose more known and still active cool French pop artsist, an error for me, but still a cool album, I wish I could hear more covers of French pop music by metal bands.
Anyway, you seem to be aware of French pop song or just love Therion, are you French?

(08-08-2015, 05:47 AM)proxnefaris Писал(а): [ -> ]......

Yahoo great version from a never too much celebrated band Yahoo EDGE OF SANITY rules Yahoo

and here another kick in the balls from the finnish CHILDREN......

CHILDREN OF BODOM - bed of nails - originally from Alice Cooper

Well, made it all the way through this thread and two of my favorite cover versions haven't been mentioned!

First of all is Solitude by Candlemass, covered by Swallow the Sun (the version with Mikko Kotamäki's death metal vocals, they also released a version with clean vocals by guest musician Sir Albert Witchfinder). This is one of the ALL-TIME CLASSIC doom songs and I love Johan Längquist's vocals on the original version (never liked Messiah's interpretation), but the song also WORKS extremely well with the death metal vocals!

The second is Still Loving You by the Scorpions, covered by Sonata Arctica. An awesome song and what makes this cover version so great is that they took what was best about this ballad, the long, slow, searing guitar leads and turned it on it's head, into a fast Sonata Arctica-style song and it still stands on it's own merits!

(Yeah, I like FINLAND metal!)
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